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Valentina Ferragni Studio's ode to clubbing

A collection of statement earrings and rings inspired by the magic of the nightlife

Valentina Ferragni Studio's ode to clubbing A collection of statement earrings and rings inspired by the magic of the nightlife

Valentina Ferragni, influencer and entrepreneur with over 4 million followers on Instagram, returns with the new collection of her brand, Valentina Ferragni Studio. For autumn/winter 2022, the Made in Italy jewellery, crafted by the skilled hands of the goldsmiths in the Arezzo district, is dressed in glitter, metallic finishes and bold accents, perfect for making the season's outfits bolder and more personal, a true expression of strong and eclectic personalities. These are the same cool kids who wear the new earrings and rings, true statement pieces, in the campaign inspired by club culture. It's time for Milano da bere. The music volume rises. The lights dim, but it is the Valentina Ferragni Studio collection that shines, illuminating the night.

Pop, irreverent, but also romantic, chic and now bold. The now iconic Valentina Ferragni Studio jewellery is constantly being renewed, matching the many shades of our personalities. Starting with the UALI mono earrings, with their characteristic shape, a symbol of Valentina Ferragni's brand, which are made even more special by their cubic zirconia details, as the founder herself says:

"With the new collection, I wanted to experiment further. In two years, the UALI shape has become to all intents and purposes the signature of Valentina Ferragni Studio and to continue to enhance it, we have sought new twists thanks to new entries designed for those who, like me, like wearing jewellery to give a special touch to their look. The colour, generally bright in the collections, has evolved with the winter season and its trends in mind, such as metallic, purple and green - tones that further emphasise the three-dimensionality and structure of the jewellery. In parallel, cubic zirconia has conquered the scene even more, for bold yet versatile styling. In fact, our aim is to continue to embellish every look with a touch that is understated, yet knows how to make itself known and which, above all, can accompany the person on all occasions, from the office to an evening event, with small stylistic touches and giving the end user room for creativity too".

Certain best sellers, destined to become timeless classics, are the CARO pendants entirely studded with white cubic zirconia and the JOY mini earrings in the new metallic finish. New additions include the ELLE single earring, available in classic gold and silver, and the LILY earcuff, which can also be worn without the hole in the lobe. For those looking for a detail capable of giving a strong and unexpected twist to even the most basic of outfits thanks to its rigid and sensual structure, there is the set composed of the ROSIE necklace and the IVY bracelet, again available in gold and silver, but enriched with a shower of white zircons. Concluding the offer is the new and very shiny KAIA ring, characterised by its spiral setting with zircons and UALI gold shape.

All jewellery from the Valentina Ferragni Studio collection will be available from 3 November on the website and at selected Italian and international jewellers.