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Lacoste Fashion Sport is not just a collection, but a lifestyle

Pieces that follow daily schedules for overall wellness to be discovered at the event Lacoste Girls City Retreat

Lacoste Fashion Sport is not just a collection, but a lifestyle Pieces that follow daily schedules for overall wellness to be discovered at the event Lacoste Girls City Retreat

Energy, movement and garments that follow the dynamic routine of a daily routine always on the go. This is the description that best represents the garments of Lacoste Fashion Sport, Lacoste's new line dedicated to those who match the mood with cool and colorful outfits to remain comfortable but stylish in facing a thousand daily tests. It is the classic colors of the brand known around the world with its unmistakable crocodile that are the common thread in the range to introduce energetic colors to be combined at will to always feel like active women and keep aiming the bar of goals upward while staying on the go.

The garments in the collection combine the practicality and functionality of sportswear with the attention to detail and materials proper to the world of fashion; they are made of breathable, lightweight and technical fabrics that fit perfectly to the body thanks to the ad-hoc work on the shape. The designs are meant to embrace comfort, becoming the perfect choice to wear during hectic but energetic days: the double-layered pique trench coat and oversized jacket provide lightness, waterproofing, and protection, while the yoga suit and pink jumpsuit hint at the world of sports but are hyper-versatile for mixing with tailored garments. The sharp-cut element of the Lacoste aesthetic remains on the pleats of the tennis skirt, the brand's iconic garment that evolves beyond the boundaries of the clay court to land on the asphalt of any metropolis without stylistic forcing thanks to bold, acidic new shades such as neon yellow and bright purple.

The selected testimonials are three strong women who are always on the move, partly for passion and partly for work, and who experience fashion and sport as two complementary worlds: Serena Williams is an unparalleled Olympic champion and legend of the tennis world, another pillar fundamental to Lacoste's identity, representing the brand for the second year in a row, while newcomers Garance Marlier and Ella Mai are faces from two different backgrounds, film and singing, united by a deep sensitivity and an intensely determined approach that has made them grow a lot. The pillars of the Lacoste Fashion Sport collection are fashion and sport, two very important areas in people's lives and especially women's, both beneficial for increasing the quality of life and enjoying all-round physical and mental well-being through good habits that promote health and greater satisfaction.

To communicate the values of Lacoste Fashion Sport to the Italian community, the brand wanted to create a space dedicated to the female universe: the Lacoste Girls City Retreat event will be held on October 27th, dedicated to the female universe for those who are always on the go and looking for a rejuvenating city break. The event will be open to the public, subject to registration through which must be confirmed via email, and participants will have the opportunity to choose a class from Healthy Cooking, Meditative Yoga and Coaching in which to participate. All classes will be led by special guests, powered by nss G-Club


to enter your details and get a chance to be selected as one of the participants in the event and discover how to learn how to listen to your body and find the perfect balance between a healthy lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.