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Dua Lipa's style evolution

A healthy balance between Y2K taste an a positioning strategy

Dua Lipa's style evolution A healthy balance between Y2K taste an a positioning strategy

First a singer, then a model, actress and curator of cultural events, Dua Lipa is to date an all-around artist. Her bursting personality and her music, capable of getting into everyone's head, have allowed her to gain such a 'global image influence that everything she wears becomes trendy and strengthens her connection with the fashion world, becoming a point of reference for luxury brands that want to further amplify their collections. From the opening of the Versace show in 2021 to the Balenciaga 2022 runway show, via the custom Mugler outfits on her Future Nostalgia Tour, her image is the result of the journey she took with Lorenzo Posocco, her stylist, whom she met while working on a project in 2015, and with whom she created a powerful image that straddles current trends and a search for empowering, fun garments in line with the personality of the millennial with 85.9 million followers. On the occasion of her 27th birthday, we look back at the style evolution of the icon that everyone, even big brands, look up to.

Dua Lipa was born in 1995, and her look lo Dua Lipa's first "official" appearance was alongside Sean Paul with the 2017 hit "No Lie," in whose music video she wears mesh parachute pants with Swarowski appliqués, paired with a bomber jacket and choker, denoting a deliberate urban and '90s hint, with a style that is still hybrid but trend-sensitive. This is followed by "New Rules," the song that went viral in summer 2017 thanks to the mix of choreography by the poolside at The Confidante hotel in Miami Beach and a wardrobe consisting of Versace shirts, pastel hues and silk robes. It is on the red carpets where she collects awards for her achievements that Dua Lipa began to structure her connection to high fashion: in a Giambattista Valli Couture at the 2018 Brit Awards she receives the Song of The Summer award, and wearing a bi-color Atelier Versace gown at the 2019 Grammys, she wins the Best New Artist award, demonstrating how Donatella Versace's brand brings her luck, in fact she also wears it to the 2019 Met Gala, the famously themed "Camp: Notes on Fashion" at which she attends with her then ex-boyfriend Isaac Carew, whom she leaves shortly after. During this period Dua Lipa begins to hang out with the jet set of the fashion world, especially the Hadid sisters, and especially bonds with Anwar, the models' younger brother, with whom she begins a relationship, which ended in late 2021.


From 2019 to 2020 Dua starts posting photos of her everyday life on Instagram and showing that she maintains all the attention to style she has in official outings even in off moments. Accomplice to a strong Y2K years key, Dua Lipa's looks represent the exact mood of current fashion, cool, comfortable at times, but above all representing identity. There are so many emerging brands that she wears thanks to her stylist, including also Bea Bongiasca and Alan Crocetti for jewelry, Jacquemus and Coperni that become real sensations of the moment because they are worn by her. This sponsorship mechanism begins to mesh so well that Dua Lipa becomes a testimonial for many brands, and the role of her image as an amplifier of products and styles begins to materialize more and more as an influencer as well. Versace seizes the ball and entrusts her with her first modeling role: the artist is the face of the FW21 campaign and opens the fashion show at Milan Fashion Week in a moment that seals the link between music, characters and fashion. The rest is recent history: between a Miu Miu or Blumarine outfit and a bikini snap on social media Dua Lipa is extremely active, wearing luxury brands on a daily basis, but in her street-styles shines through the eclecticism of someone who also chooses what to wear based on how she feels and what she wants to communicate, embodying the eternal paradigm that fashion is also a way of expressing herself and continuing to choose things she likes.


Red carpets and official public outings remain a time to assert one's personality and position oneself alongside the brands that are fashion, such as the nostalgia marketing moment at the 2022 Grammys with Meghan Thee Stallion and the Balenciaga Haute Couture 2022 fashion show, which saw her starring on the runway alongside supermodel Naomi Campbell, Kristen McMenamy and Bella Hadid and celebrities Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian.