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5 things to know about glass bags

From how they are made to the celebrities' favorite model

5 things to know about glass bags  From how they are made to the celebrities' favorite model

Doja Cat, Kylie Jenner and Tinashe are among the stars who have worn them, starting the passion for glass bags, a trend that is marking 2022 and that, under the hashtag #GlassBag can boast over 5 million views on TikTok. The first brand to elect this unusual and fragile accessory as a must-have was Coperni with its Glass Swipe Bag, paving the way for many wishlists and imitations, also made of easier materials such as plexiglass that mimic the transparency of OG models, making them cheaper and more durable.  Looking at the very pretty glass Swipe, we cannot help but wonder: can we show it off at dinner with friends, take the underground, or wear it all day without fear of it breaking? And what should we put in it?  Here are five things to know before buying one.


The must-have model is the Swipe bag by Coperni

Parisian brand Coperni collaborated with Haven, a New York-based blown glass accessories brand, to create a glass version of their iconic Swipe bag. They presented it, in different shades, during the FW23 collection show and had it worn by Gigi Hadid and other models, immediately colonizing Instagram and legions of stars and fashionistas. Its characteristics? It is a sort of cool and contemporary upgrade of the Murano glass bag, it has an oval shape, inspired by the Swipe of the Iphone and, in some models, it also has devil horns on the handle that give it a bolder and more playful mood.  


How a glass bag is made

The reasons why the Swipe bag by Coperni x Heven has won over fashionistas and stars alike? The eye-catching shape, the unusual material and that Cinderella slipper allure exerts an eternal fascination on the little girl hidden in all of us. What makes it even more special and unique is its workmanship.  The manufacturing process of each piece is quite complex, requiring precision and a high degree of skill. Working with glass is already an art form that requires a steady hand and the ability to work with furnaces that reach very high temperatures in themselves, but, this time, the thickness of the material made everything more complicated. Therefore, Peter Dupont and Breanna Box, Heven's founder, turned to their friend and glass-blowing master Josh Raiffe who, after a month of work, found the most suitable technique for making the bag. The material is collected with a stainless steel tube and then, while exposed to a temperature of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, blown to shape it into the desired structure. Given the thickness, instead of blowing with a mouth, the craftsman opted for a compressed air tube. Then we move on to the details: the glass is pierced and opened with scissors to create the inner 'pocket', the handle and the horns. Finally, the result is placed in a blast chiller, before moving on to the finishing phase. Et voila: the glass Swipe bag is ready to be worn! 


Celebrities love them

The first to bring glass bags back into vogue was Gigi Hadid when during New York Fashion Week 2018 she sported a bottle of rosé in a transparent case with a golden handle designed by Brandon Maxwell as her bag. Perhaps this is why the Coperni team chose her to present her glass Swipe bag during the FW23 show. The model was dressed in a pastel pink midi dress and the unusual accessory in her hands. As soon as she saw it, Doja Cat fell in love with it, filled it with candy, and sported it, in the same shade as her crystal-covered evening gown by Atelier Versace, at the last Grammy Awards. The Say So singer then replicated the look by choosing a totally transparent model and a pink outfit. Pink is also the color of Tinashe's vinyl dress who, again at the Grammys, also opted for the Coperni bag, but, this time, red. Coperni's latest must-have creation also won over the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kim appeared at the Revolve Festival 2022 in California wearing a metallic-silver version, while at the premiere of the new show The Kardashians Kylie paired her white outfit by Serbian-born designer Isidora Djurovic with a transparent Glas Swipe with devil's horns that contained just two Kylie Cosmetic products inside.


They are the modern version of Cinderella's slipper

Despite its lack of functionality, or perhaps because of it, the glass bag is a fascinating piece that fuses fashion, art and design, an unusual piece that makes the wearer feel just as special as Cinderella's slipper. The fragility of its material makes it a unique item to dream about, to own to demonstrate one's status like a precious necklace by Cartier or a Birkin by Hermès. Want to look even more original? You buy it, show it off as long as you like and then use it as a vase for flowers. The fact that it is transparent gives it endless possibilities for marketing and product placement. Just place a lipstick, phone or any other object inside it, put it on a celebrity's arm and you're done. 


Are they really as fragile as they seem?

Is it worth investing in an object that, although beautiful and cool, looks so fragile? It depends on your needs and your budget. The price of the Glass Swipe by Coperni x Heven is around $3,000, so if you are particularly clumsy, brusque or the type to stumble every second, it would be best to think carefully before proceeding with the purchase. The glass from which the bag is made is thick enough to withstand minor bumps, but, nevertheless, it would be best to wear this accessory for special occasions and in places where there is no risk of falling or being pushed. Those who want to try the glass effect without all these small precautions can always opt for a transparent creation, but in Plexiglas or alternative materials such as the proposals by Clio Peppiatt and L'AFSHAR.