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Chiara Ferragni Brand celebrates the launch of Safilo's eyewear collection

The entrepreneur celebrates the new collaboration with the #CFSunsetParty at the Sicilian Verdura Resort

Chiara Ferragni Brand celebrates the launch of Safilo's eyewear collection The entrepreneur celebrates the new collaboration with the #CFSunsetParty at the Sicilian Verdura Resort

Fashion starts from the eyes for Chiara Ferragni Brand's spring/summer. The brand of the digital entrepreneur and source of Italian pride, presents its first Eye-wear Collection for SS22, designed, produced and distributed in partnership with Safilo, world leader in the design, production and distribution of sunglasses, optical frames, products and sports eyewear. With elegant lines but at the same time trendy, Chiara's collection is in direct conversation with the entire sphere of lifestyle of which Chiara is a trendsetter, declining in two product stories that tell her soul, Chiara's Fashion dedicated to fashionistas and Chiara's Essential, composed of pieces with timeless allure designed to be worn every day.


Given its connection not only with aesthetics but also with the essence of Italian fashion since its debut, Chiara's premium feel of the eyewear is denoted by the play of glitter and bold neon colors, with the addition of the iconic Eye-like element and logomania pattern on some lenses designed to visually tell a story of passion and fashion culture. The new eyewear proposals are sealed by the brand's stylistic figures to which is also added the Star detail, symbol of the brand, which stands out on the sparkling pink and silver shades. Check out the new collection here.


The L.A Eye, Sexy Eye and Boxy Eye models are part of the product story Chiara's Fashion is dedicated to fashionistas who love neon colors and strong details, a range that presents plastic models with important volumes, in line with the latest trends with oval, cat-eye and rectangular hyper-feminine cuts and available in sunglass frames, perfect to be worn at the beach, in the city and in the mountains. Sexy Eye is also available as prescription eyewear, the category most explored by the second product story Chiara's Essential, in which the frames promise a detailed look combined with Chiara's style, through the lightness of the steel frames of the models and the Blue Blocker lenses in shades of blue and pink, with a make-up effect for an IG filter that accompanies even in reality.  Thanks to the stylistic innovation of Safilo, which presides over the eye-wear industry, Chiara Ferragni's eyewear is a symbol of quality and Italian know-how, with fluorescent colors and exquisitely feminine transparent nuances that add a discreet note of luxury and glamour to any daily look.

During the launch party held at the Verdura Resort in Sciacca, Sicily, Chiara welcomed the glasses with a sunset-themed #CFSunsetParty event whose selected participants, including influencers Chiara Biasi, Ginevra Mavilla, Dulceida, Giulia Peditto, Marta Cariedo, Tamara Kalinic and Stephanie Glitter - who enlivened the end of the evening with a performance - including our editorial staff, were able to attend to celebrate a new milestone for the digital entrepreneur, aware of its importance as a career example in Italy. During the interviews, Chiara said: "To all generations I want to say believe in your dreams and fight every day to achieve them" to encourage young Italian entrepreneurs to take her as an example. The collection synthesizes a further advancement of Chiara in the affirmation of her brand, and despite the powerful outline of social buzz, the symbolic value of this business venture to expand the radius of hegemony in the market proves obvious. What will be Chiara's next move?