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5 bridal trends for spring 2023

A Bridgerton touch, bows,opulent details and bustiers here's some inspo for the big day

5 bridal trends for spring 2023 A Bridgerton touch, bows,opulent details and bustiers here's some inspo for the big day

2022 will definitely be the breakthrough year for weddings. After two pandemic years with restrictions and so go on, many couples have decided to postpone their wedding day. And so, from May to September, one wedding will follow another. Because of this, brides feel they want to be special, even more special than pre-pandemic brides. In fact, according to recent research by The Wedding Report, more than 2 million weddings will take place this year, with celebrations lasting more than one day. Translated: you have to surprise your guests, even with a dress that will stay in their minds for a long, long time. The inspirations of spring 2023 certainly come to meet, thanks to dreamy creations created by designers, also tired of linear shapes that fit the mood of being with the family, with a very simple ceremony. Of course, slip dress and mini dress we will definitely not banish them from the choices of a bride but if you are hunting for the perfect dress, take a look at the inspirations selected here.We invite you to choose something that is pure extravagance, exuberance, complexity. At least, in this period of uncertainty, be aware that your wedding dress should be a masterpiece. Here the trends summarized in the five hottest trends of Bridal Week. 

The corset

The bustier, loved and hated, which can enhance to perfection - without involuting it - the décolleté. Designers have thus chosen to dust off the corsetry, the one so dear to Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier but also to the fashion of the Regency era - with inventive shapes and elements for spring 2023. Opt for the classic exposed slats or the more romantic version, thanks to draping and, why not, feather details.


A dress with a bow

Romantic knots invade dresses, both in front and under the back neckline and even on headpieces. Bows abound in 2023, even double or in tulle, so why not be a pioneer of this delightful trend that softens even the dress with the most geometric lines.


Did you say Bridgerton?


Or rather, Eloise Bridgerton. Indeed, it seems that the costume designer of the cult TV series on Netflix has hit the jackpot with some of the details given to the dresses of the viscount's sister who, for the last thing in her life, would like to tick off a wedding trousseau. Short jackets, empire dresses, pencil skirts, high collars and fluttering sleeves, the choice is yours to take a dip in the past that has never been so contemporary. The only request: choose a demure neckline, just in case some scandal pen doesn't make negative comments on social networks for violating some court etiquette.


Long live the Golden Age

We are all getting ready for the Met Gala. The theme chosen is Gilded Glamour, with golden details and old-fashioned crinolines. Green light to an excessive use of opulent crystals, 3D flowers, sequins and pearls on your wedding dresses. Place them where you want, directly on the dress or on the train, to be the most sparkling.

The cut-out

It has been seen a lot in this period the cut-out on dresses that become sensual with little. And the big trend of the catwalks also arrives on wedding dresses. Geometric side panels, hole frontals, see-through necklines are the protagonists of the dresses for brides who want to dare. Choose also ruched bodysuits under Cinderella skirts, or even crystal buckles, and pleating techniques that will make the dress something memorable.