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What runway fits woul Bridgerton characters wear today?

Imagining Kate Sharma in Miu Miu and Anthony Bridgerton, as an ex-libertine man, in Dior Homme

What runway fits woul Bridgerton characters wear today? Imagining Kate Sharma in Miu Miu and Anthony Bridgerton, as an ex-libertine man, in Dior Homme

The second season of Bridgerton was a worldwide success, despite the fact that fans of Simon - aka the Duke of Hastings, aka actor Regé-Jean Page - thought that without him (and his hot shots) the new chapter of the Netflix and Shondaland TV series might not be intriguing enough. Jonathan Bailey, in the role of the libertine viscount Anthony Bridgerton, who with his desire-not-desire to get married has fascinated even the aficionados of the handsome duke. If, however, we are used to seeing the characters in dreamlike costumes, in perfect 1800s style during the golden age of the English Regency, we could not help but wonder how they would dress today, as well as how they would face their love intrigues in the new millennium. So, from the darlings of the small screen Daphne Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, to the mavericks Eloise and Penelope - aka Lady Whistledown - here's how we imagine the characters ofBridgerton dress contemporary.

Kate Sharma | Miu Miu 

The new protagonist of the second season of Bridgerton, played by Simone Ashley (you already know her from the TV series Sex Education), won us over with her nonconformist attitude, claiming to be a convinced and happy "spinster". If her clothes, however, are a balanced mix of long bright purple tunics and boleros inspired by India, we imagine her today independent, strong and avant-garde, wrapped in Miu Miu. Her perfect look? The longuette paired with a micro top that shows off her abs (and which are easy to slip off for a hot night with the Viscount).

Anthony Bridgerton | Dior Homme

The libertine with a capital L, firstborn of the Bridgerton family, in the second season is looking for a wife. However, tired of relationships that break his heart, he longs for a bride with impeccable manners who is not able to make him fall in love. So, observing his mood as a perfect bachelor and his passion for the game of Pall Mall (a sport similar to today's golf) and morning rides, we couldn't help but see him, in 2022, dressed in a wool vest and casual-chic pants, like the combo proposed by Dior Homme.

Daphne Bridgerton | Blumarine 

Although we see little of her in Bridgerton 2, the beautiful protagonist of the first season has not stopped inspiring us. Her regal style, with sky-blue touches, we imagine it distorted in our millennium. The Duchess would be perfect in a kidcore aura, with a Y2K-inspired dress, with a generous slit but still in the sky palette. And what collection would be less suitable than Blumarine's Millennium bug?

Simon Bassett | Burberry

Or better known as the super hot Duke of Hastings. Although the actor, Regé-Jean Page, has not confirmed his presence in the second season (but we trust in a return for the third or fourth) has not left our hearts. And what would the handsome, dark duke wear today? For us it's a mega yes in total leather, designer Burberry.

Penelope Featherington aka Lady Whistledown | Valentino

The scandalous pen of the English nobility almost always wears yellow. And although this color is not particularly likeable, in our opinion it fits her perfectly. So much so that we can imagine her in Valentino, with an oversized gown that hides her when she has to go, in great secrecy, to deliver new letters on court scandals to the printer that will drive the nobility crazy.

Eloise Bridgerton | Gucci

The most feminist of the Bridgerton family, she continues to escalate her natural rebellion against royal protocols. And despite Lady Whistledown's warnings, she approaches a lower-ranking boy and attends meetings on women's rights. Could Eloise, today, not sport genderless pants and suits? We dream of her in a Gucci suit, in pink, just to further demonstrate her stepping out of the lines by combining masculine and feminine as only a power woman can do.

Queen Charlotte | Louis Vuitton 

She embodies the opulence that could not be more opulent, with her exaggerated crinolines and wigs that seem to have come out of a Moschino show. For her we always imagine a fluffy skirt, updated to the present day and worn with cargo boots, because it is in her nature to be noticed and show that she is in charge in everything and for everything. And if we have to choose a brand that would dress her like a glove, no brand is more appropriate than Louis Vuitton.