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It's official: Maddy is the most influential Euphoria character

Lyst's report for March 2022 confirms the role of the characted in guiding online trends

It's official: Maddy is the most influential Euphoria character  Lyst's report for March 2022 confirms the role of the characted in guiding online trends

After following the best beauty and fashion looks of Euphoria episode after episode and seeing the faces that animate the series on the coolest fashion campaigns, from Dominik Fike for Calvin Klein to Jacob Elordi for BOSS and Barbie Ferreira for YSL Beauty, maybe we already knew, but now the quantitative data from Lyst are here to confirm it: Euphoria has gone from being a source of inspiration to dictating market trends. On TikTok the videos with hashtag #euphoriafashion are more than 25 million, and the influence of Heidi Bivens' styling has become the protagonist of controversies and real style currents, bordering on the "-core" in vogue on social. From the Jacquemus cardigan to the Vivienne Westwood corset, trends in online searches have skyrocketed for several product categories after appearing in an episode or even a scene from the second season. The report speaks of a 42% increase in searches on cut-out garments and 18% on cropped cardigans, worn by all the protagonists but in particular by Maddy, who confirms herself as the most loved character with the most desired wardrobe. 

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After being a controversial character of the first season, the cheerleader played by Alexa Demie has undergone a profound change in storyline, but not in style: outfits in full Y2K style as matching sets often in cropped version, tank tops with brooch straps, skin exposed by cut-out dresses accessorized by platform shoes, all combined with a line of eyeliner as sharp as a knife, have remained in her wardrobe, allowing her to become the reincarnation of the Instagram Baddie as we knew her in the pre-pandemic version 2.0. 

The Maddy effect has affected many of the brands worn by Alexa Demie in the series, starting from the dress from the collection designed by Devon Lee (also Demie's friend) for Marc Jacobs worn in the fourth episode that got a considerable increase in searches on the Lyst app and increased the followers of @marcjacobs profile by 15%. Miaou and Akna Store, two independent brands selected by the styling team of the series have gained notoriety and followers by appearing in an episode or even a scene wearing Maddy. Miaou is a California-based brand with French allure but a nod to the '90s under the guidance of designer Alexia Elkaim, with a strong passion for French style and vintage, which has gained 76% pageviews on the Lyst app since the start of the series. Akna Store's followers have also grown a lot for the same reason: the outfit in the first episode of the series has made the Mexico-based brand highly sought-after, riding the wave of the cut-out trend perfectly.

The crackdown on emerging designers and niche American brands triggered by Euphoria is proof that to be successful you need good content, but above all the right channel in which to convey it. Maddy's character becomes the Carrie Bradshaw of the Alpha Generation, a magnetic personality halfway between a marketing operation and a true icon that encapsulates the zeitgeist behind impulsive behavior and a wardrobe without filters. The success of the series' styling certainly comes from Bivens' ability to pick up trends from the runways and exemplify high fashion in a TV series as few times before, exploiting the fine line between reality and fiction woven by Sam Levinson's plot to build aspirational models within a teen drama. Also the strategic partnership established between the Head of Style of the series Heidi Bivens and the personal connections of Alexa Demie who proposed the vintage store Aralda Vintage from which come the best clothes tried by Maddy in the series and the nail-artist Natalie Minerva, by now the head of nail art in the Euphoria's dressing rooms, has positively influenced the result.