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The glamorous minimalism of Prada's FW22 collection

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons bring the cool, girlie side of the tank top to the runway

The glamorous minimalism of Prada's FW22 collection Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons bring the cool, girlie side of the tank top to the runway

On the second day of Milan Fashion Week all eyes are on Prada. There is, as always, a high degree of hype around the new show and curiosity has been rising more and more in the last few hours, as new post-teasers have been popping up on the brand's official Instagram account: A salute to the profession of modeling. A history of women, a home video series in which we see models such as Kaia GerberKendall JennerMica Arganaraz or Anok Yai as children. Today, we see Kaia, Kendall (with a new copper-red hair colour) and Hunter Schafer of Euphoria on the catwalk, wearing clothes that tell a story, theirs, that of the Prada Maison and the multi-faceted story of many other women. Miuccia Prada also explained this before the show:

"This collection is about the history of women, the history of people, not the history of fashion. It's something I've always said, but now I feel it's important to repeat it. Using these garments, drawing from history, puts us in touch with the lives of the past: we want to relive them, we want them to inspire us, we want to learn from people's lives."

The collection, designed together with Raf Simons, is a balanced mix of Maison's heritage, 90s inspirations, glamour, tailoring and minimalism. The result is a wardrobe that blurs the boundaries between day and evening, essential and glamour, minimalist rigor and girlie romanticism. The unexpected protagonist? The tank top. The ultimate basic item becomes the basis for a series of outfits with a taste for the nineties, embellished by a game of overlaps with sheer slip dresses and stretch gauze longuettes, embroidered with feathers, 3D flower applications and other sparkling details. The same decorative elements can be found on maxi bomber jackets and tailored coats, a little like the men's collection last January. The range of outerwear is also enriched with aviator jackets and severe maxi trench coats in leather with squared shoulders, perfect for sheltering from the winter cold and to be worn over pullovers with midi skirts. The must-have item is also the most minimal and rigorous: a beautiful black coat, declined in different variations (including the dress version). What makes it special are the details from the plunging neckline on the back to a sort of built-in necklace, attached to the Prada logo brooch that is pinned on one side of the reverse.  Even the accessories have a minimalist look, an essential geometric silhouette, such as the new triangular bags and the Mary Jane on the feet.


In the front row applauding there were the Ferragnez, the Rita Ora-Taika Waititi couple and Kim Kardashian, sitting between Mahmood and the artist Francesco Vezzoli.