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The best looks from Euphoria's Episode 7

Clickable links to “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed”

The best looks from Euphoria's Episode 7 Clickable links to “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed”

The impact of fashion in Euphoria is well known by now, but for this episode Heidi Bivens definitely outdid herself. It's as if all the most desired and coveted brands of the fashion scene in this moment somewhere between Y2K style and high fashion were brought together in a single episode to reinforce the epicness of the moments directed by Sam Levinson regarding Lexi's show "Our Life". In this sort of fourth-wall-breaking episode, the actors sit in the audience and follow the developments of the events as the viewers of the series itself, and the spotlight is both on stage and in the audience, in which Maddy in Jacquemus and Kat in Vivienne Westwood, Lexi in Miu Miu and Cassie in MSGM stand out. The characters reflect by looking at themselves from the outside and evidently see flaws and obvious characteristics of their characters manifest in front of their eyes, recognizing themselves, while fans of the series identify even more with their champions through the connection with the brands they follow on Instagram and would like in their closets, the writer included. So here's a round up of all the brands worn in this penultimate episode of Euphoria.



"Lexi you're a gangster" shouts Maddy at the end of an epic scene in the play that forces all of Easthighland High to look into the eyes of the toxicity of the group boy dynamics the story centers on. Her debut sees her flustered, nervous, happy and at the same time afraid of how the fruits of her labor will be received. She wears a Black Velvet dress in Prairie Cotton from Batsheva and a pair of low gloss Mary Jane's from By Far. As she takes the stage the A-line Miu Miu heart-shaped dress with collar is just the right outfit to debut in style. Completing the look is a 3-tailed eyeliner that widens the eye.



Kat's fashion soul is always more evident: her avant-garde and sophisticated looks, always in dark colors and in contrast with the very pale complexion of actress Barbie Ferreira, never disappoint. In this episode she definitely outdid herself, wearing a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier piece, the Egyptian Dress, in combo with a Telfar Bag Mini in black coloring. But when the theater spotlights rest on her perfect hair illuminating the Vivienne Westwood Portrait Corset Flame Print in Orange the applause is well deserved, even if not directly to her.



There is no character more followed than Maddy when it comes to looks, and also in this episode Alexa Demie does not disappoint, indeed, she is even acclaimed by Simon Porta Jacquemus himself for wearing Le bodysuit Yerù and Le Chemise cut-out bodysuit. Other details are superfluous. 



Cassie is the classic person who makes a rash decision, regrets it, and then to avoid saying she was wrong continues to walk down the wrong path with her head held high. In a MSGM outfit consisting of shocking pink Mohair bralette and pants skirt. Nodaleto Bulla Babies Patent in Pink and the iconic Balenciaga Hourglass XS in printed leather complete the outfit.