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5 brands for your Y2K nostalgia

They’re back, better than ever!

5 brands for your Y2K nostalgia  They’re back, better than ever!

If it is true that everything comes back and that fashion is a wheel in continuous movement, the 2000s are not exiles from this perpetual motion, which seem to have returned with a whole new force in the present day culture. Their emotional strength seems to have been locked in a jar, shaken well before being opened on the pop culture of our day: it happened as with Coca Cola - trick or treat. Did we need it? We at nss G-Club absolutely do, and that’s why we want to offer you 5 Y2K approved pieces - perfect for beginners and aficionados of the 2000s. Magnetic, colorful, passionate and above all shameless: Y2K welcome back.

The Polly Pocket handbag

If you never thought about stealing your friend’s Polly Pocket Boutique, that friend with the Boutique is you. In that case, I hope you’re aware of your immense fortune - and the inestimable value of your toy. Anyway, they say the Butterfly Model Bag by @forbitchescompany is better than Proust’s madeleine.

"Cioè" pop rings

Oops, we did it again! Absolute must-have of the season, the rings pop, candy-like and colorful are the most identifying element of the years 2000: who has not been collector of the That is, throw the first stone. Version 2.0 of @_jupiter___ is also awfully cool - try to believe, G-Clubber.

The tee of your favorite popstar

The 2000s were characterized by two great social pressures: the spirit of emulation and the need for identification. The vestiaire was the meeting of these two emotional energies to tell the intensity: I wear so I am. From this awareness, if Britney, the Olsen twins or Christina wore a patchwork t-shirt or the shirt of the favorite boyband we did too. The knitwear of @boredomravers is this and more.


The jacket apron-inspired

The back to school, the night before the exams, the interviews and the delivery of the correct verification: these are feelings that we want to hold tight - and we revive with the rewatch of High School Musical and Matilda at least once a year, excusatio non petita. The Senorita Out Of School by @lavestelaveste and her imaginary Y2K will help us warm up, in&out.


The underwear on sight

Low-rise and underwear on sight: the pinnacle of the 2000s. Back from the September fashion shows, back the trend most discussed by lovers of good taste - seethrough no more! The lingerie of makes us dream: the return of the low waist no longer seems so bad, true?