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Saddle Bag: how to recreate a sustainable version at home

Turn an everyday object into Maison Dior's most iconic bag, 100% handmade

Saddle Bag: how to recreate a sustainable version at home Turn an everyday object into Maison Dior's most iconic bag, 100% handmade

There is a bag with an unmistakable shape and a thousand patterns, which for almost twenty years has been a must have for the fashion world: it is the Dior Saddle Bag. The iconic bag is literally living a new spring and since it was back on the catwalk there is no influencer or star that didn’t wear it. 

The Saddle Bag made its debut on the catwalk in the 2000s, when the French fashion house was still under the creative direction of John Galliano, but even then it immediately became a trend. First Beyoncé, at the time leader of Destiny's Child, Sarah Jessica Parker, who in Sex & The City showed off all kinds, Paris Hilton, Chiara Ferragni and the Kardashians, Rihanna, up to the virtual influencer Noonoouri.

In short, the Dior saddle conquered everyone, which is why nss G-Club decided to replicate it, but in a more sustainable and homemade version of course. For the experiment we used an old sunshade panel with a metal coating; one of those used to protect the car dashboard from sunlight. We opted for a silver-colored one, but there are many tones and textures: neon green, orange, electric blue or golden, quilted, checked, smooth or with bubbles. You can decide how to customize your Saddle Bag.



What you need:

One metal sunshade panel (140x70cm), fabric strip (60x8cm), two fabric strips (20x4cm), snap button, tape measure, scissors and sewing machine.



Start by preparing the pattern of the bag. The dimensions vary according to the size you want to give it; the one in the example is 20 cm wide x 17 cm high for the base body and about 9 cm high for the closing part. Take the panel and cut it following the outline of the pattern created. Repeat the operation twice, once for the front, which will only consist of the base body, and once for the back, consisting of the base body + the closing part. 



Overlap the front with the back and sew them together; sew only the base body, being careful to leave the closing part free. For this step, use the sewing machine, to have more resistant seams, otherwise do some seams by hand. Insert a snap button to close the bag. 



Now we can create the handle of the bag. With the black fabric we cut a 60 x 8 cm long strip, also in this case the length of the strip changes according to the appearance and functionality you want to give to the bag. Once folded in half and secured with a linear seam, attach the handle to the bag.



We finish the bag with two strips of fabric that will form the iconic front detail. Sew them and your eco-friendly Saddle Bag is ready!