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How to transform an old bikini into a summer patchwork top

Sustainable, creative and original: a unique 100% handmade piece

How to transform an old bikini into a summer patchwork top Sustainable, creative and original: a unique 100% handmade piece

One of the hottest DIY fashion trends right now is patchwork. Jackets, t-shirts, trousers, handbags, no matter what it is, the important thing is that it gives the idea of a unique piece formed by a mix of different fabrics and patterns.

In reality, patchwork garments have been around for a long time, and it is a way not only to be original and creative, but it is also a great ploy to create something new, starting from the old. High fashion brands such as Dior, Loewe, Calvin Klein, Ottolinger, Tom Ford, showed garments entirely made in patchwork technique, which immediately became the must have of the season. But it was during the pandemic that designers from all over the world were unleashed, proposing on social media items of clothing made with waste fabrics taken directly from their closet; socks, old t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves and hats, everything can be transformed into something new. Viral has become the video of @issymayes, in which he transforms Nike socks into a very tight crop top; or @ruacarlota capable of creating unique pieces with any forgotten garment.

In the experiment we used old bikinis, too old-fashioned to be worn this summer but perfect to be recycled and transformed into an original crop top. The trick is to take all the swimsuits you no longer use, randomly throw them on the ground and study the color combination that convinces you. Do not worry if the combinations of colors and patterns seem too whimsical, let yourself be guided by instinct because interesting combinations could come out. 


What you need:

Old bikinis / swimwear, scissors, needle and thread, overlock sewing machine.


Take the bikinis and cut about 12 squares of 15cm each side (6 squares for the front and the rest for the back). Attention: the size and shape of the squares may vary depending on the line and pattern you want to give to your top.


Once you have decided on the position of the colors, start creating the front, which will be made up of 2 horizontal rows of 3 squares. Sew them together with the serger, first start joining the 3 squares individually, forming the 2 horizontal lines, then pin them together. At the end you will need to have a mat of 3 X2 squares. 


Repeat the same thing for the back as well. After that join the two pieces together creating the base of the top. 


Now all that is left is to create the suspenders. From the bikini top, cut two laces that will form the closure of your crop top. Sew them on the top edge and tie them around the neck.