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White t-shirt: how to style it for spring

How to style it taking inspiration from the celeb and the style of different historical moments

White t-shirt: how to style it for spring How to style it taking inspiration from the celeb and the style of different historical moments

Considered a minimal and genderless must-have, the white t-shirt is a must-have piece in everyone's wardrobe. It entered the history of costume by establishing itself as an underwear item for men, but it soon became an iconic and transversal classic reinterpreted by designers from all over the world.

Already used in the Middle Ages - with long sleeves and made of woven cotton or linen - the t-shirt was basically a garment that provided hygienic protection to the skin and was worn under everyday clothing. In the nineteenth century, thanks to new technologies that facilitated mass production and the use of fabrics such as jersey and wool, it became even more popular as a method of preventing colds and diseases, so much so that the British Royal Navy began to make it. wear to his sailors under the uniform. Subsequently, the United States Navy also began to include in its uniform - as official underwear - a white shirt made first in flannel then in cotton and soon, in the twentieth century, the use of the t-shirt began to spread not only in codes of military clothing, but also in workwear and sportswear.

In 1910, Fruit of the Loom began marketing t-shirts, helping to spread them in everyday use, and at the same time Hollywood began to present rebellious characters on the screen often wearing only a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. From Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire with a very tight crewneck t-shirt to John Travolta in Grease who wore it under a leather nail, or even from James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause to Sean Penn in At Close Range, the t- white shirt became the symbol of rebellion even revealing a certain intrinsic sex appeal and soon moving into the women's wardrobe as well.

Jacqueline Bisset wore it wet in The Deep, causing a scandal among American viewers, Jane Birkin preferred it soft with flared jeans and Karl Lagerfeld had it paraded with tweed suits. Everyone gave their interpretation of the white t-shirt, a garment with a simple and eternal design capable of upsetting a look and making it iconic. There are those who say they have found the perfect one and those who are still looking for it, however there are certainly 3 perfect ways to wear it.



A bit like the actors and rock stars of the 60s and 70s, nothing beats an iconic look whose only protagonists are a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, even better if the jeans are dark and if you feet are wearing a pair of Chelsea boots. You can roll up the sleeves like Johnny Depp or Kate Moss in the 90s for a beautiful and damned look, add a leather biker jacket like Steve McQueen on the shoulders or wear it with white trousers to be chic like Cary Grant.


Play with layers

The t-shirt can also be a complementary element in a look, sometimes perhaps unnecessary but certainly surprising. It can therefore be used to play with layers - as a professional stylist would say - and give an extra touch to a simple and clean outfit. It can be worn under a cashmere crewneck and let it show right on the neckline, so as to illuminate the face and make everything less boring, or it can also be seen in the bottom part, letting a flap come out on the waist and thus giving a casual touch to a formal look.


T-shirt or shirt?

If Karl Lagerfeld made her show in tweed suits, then we can all wear her under a suit to go to the office. The white t-shirt is now cleared even in formal environments - not all of them - and replacing it with the shirt is often a cool and fun move. It can make a dark suit informal or give a little respite to a colorful or patterned suit, try it!


Now that you have found the right inspiration to choose how to wear and match it, it's time to decide which t-shirt to buy for this spring / summer, based on cut, material, structure and small details. So nss G-Club has selected 10 white t-shirts to find the one that best suits your style.