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Il ritorno dei jeans a vita bassa

Il ritorno dei jeans a vita bassa

Directly from the roaring 90s, even the dreaded low rise jeans, or low-rise jeans, return to the trend. Seen on Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are driving the fashion world crazy again, in every way. In fact, there are those who love them, those who hate them and even those who fear them, thanks to the non-inclusive fit, who discover almost entirely the belly. As reported by The Guardian, in Great Britain online searches of the garment increased by 73% on search engines, and on Tik Tok content with hashtag #lowrisejeans have collected 34 million views. It’s right on the video entertainment platform that opens the hottest conversations on the web, where the community expresses the most disparate opinions and considerations about this model of jeans, that is returning in vogue in contrast to the needs and preferences of a fashion increasingly conscious and attentive to body-positivity and inclusivity. The renaissance of the 90s, with the Y2K style and a nostalgia for the first hints of the future divide for the first time tastes and orientations of younger generations. To really understand the origin of the controversy and get a moral opinion, before aesthetics, it would be useful to know where the low-rise pants come from.

The origins of low-rise trousers


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In the '60s there were jeans with a rather low waist called "hip-huggers", but low-waist jeans similar to how we know them today make their first appearance in what was in fact one of the most controversial catwalks in fashion history, The Fall/Winter 1993 signed by Alexander Mcqueen, entitled "The Taxi Driver". Eager to impress his audience, the designer presented on the catwalk the "bumster", very low-waisted pants, almost inguinal, which also showed "the neckline of the buttocks".With a title already quite disturbing of its own, considered the reference to the history of the film with the same name starring Robert De Niro, the parade was very chatty, and the designer known for his high-impact collections that left spectators amazed and puzzled has gained even more notoriety thanks to the first low-waisted trousers in fashion history. From there, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Lil Kim and Maraiah Carey and all the pop stars began to wear it as a symbol of avant-garde fashion and status.

Comments on Tik Tok

"When low-rise pants were popular, it was the body that created hype, not fashion: you didn’t brag about what you were wearing, but about your own body," says Collin Mccarthy on Tik Tok, bringing to the table a speech as real as scary: "if you didn’t wear xxs, you were fat. Millions of women grew up with this stereotype in mind during adolescence, and the trend is a trigger that unlocks a painful memory", he continues.


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Also Renata Agrella, American content creator, says that "the trend awakens in the millennials echo of a grassy culture of the early 2000s". Actually, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Beyoncè and all of Destiny’s Child, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton showed off during their performances and on the red carpet their androgynous and dry bodies with low-rise jeans, proud of a leanness symbol of model culture, according to which lean was beautiful even at the cost of losing health, as demonstrated by Hillary Duff. Today that fashion has finally taken, after years of struggles and not a few difficulties, a fold tending to inclusivity and normalization of bodies not canonically thin, seeing a trend resurfacing sponsor of the absolute thinness seems almost a contradiction for many. 

How to style low rise jeans: an inclusive guide


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Rather than being afraid, however, we should try to reinterpret the trend to really change things. Thanks to social media, billions of women connect and support each other every day on the difficult path to self love, exchanging style tips and combinations and also managing to share the best way to integrate low-rise jeans in your wardrobe if you love the style. Playing with shapes and volumes, showing the much of leather that you feel to show and having fun to match colors, fabrics and size of pants is a great way to integrate the dreaded low-rise jeans in your personal style. Another stratagem can be to wear a t-shirt soft to insert inside the pants and stratify the combination with a lightweight outerwear and impact, not to make life the focal point of the outfit. And last but not least, stretch the figure by wearing a nice pair of high platform or heel shoes. Attention, need to follow the trend of low rise jeans: it is important to always remember that fashion is no longer imposed by traditional media, but rather a set of cultural influences that if internalized and customized can create a unique result and that is definitely good on, because it reflects their being