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Celebrity mom-daugher matching outfits

To celebrate Mother's Day, let's discover the "twinning outfits" of the stars and their daughters

Celebrity mom-daugher matching outfits To celebrate Mother's Day, let's discover the twinning outfits of the stars and their daughters

There is something in the mother-daughter bond that cannot be explained by words. Complicity and desire for sharing are intertwined in a mixture of expectations and mutual trust that can be transmitted in a thousand ways. Sometimes, also style is shared. The delicious combinations that we see on our favorite celebrity mom, the daughters are "mini-me", to care for styling and enhance as much (and perhaps more) would do in the daily on their own. How many women have grown up looking to their mothers as a point of reference, how many others have rediscovered the indissoluble bond in old age.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we discover the concept of Twinning-outfits, to make a full of cuteness and remember the original link with the most important woman in the life of a girl with combinations of look crazy starring Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Cardi B and their little princesses Stormi, North, Luna, and Kulture along with many other couples of mothers and daughters. Happy Mother’s Day!


Mum-daughter twinning outfits

Whether it’s for a special occasion like a red carpet or to spend an afternoon at home, it’s always a good time to show off an outfit combined with your child. Kylie Jenner knows it well, she often called her daughter "her best friend" and repeated shooting and sweet poses in outfits coordinated with Stormi, now the undisputed queen of Instagram’s Twinning outfits. Kim Kardashian also loves to wear outfits coordinated with North, and the two are also evidently similar. A couple of camperos unite Chrissy Teigen and Luna, who smiles shyly at her mother. A very powerful and in full spirit "women-empowerment" instead Serena Williams and Alexis Olympia are always ready to serve powerful shots in fashion style. 

Wearing an outfit similar to a loved one is actually an ancient dynamic of demonstration of belonging to a group. Like all subcultures of human history, having a distinctive garment helped to recognize the members of a group in the crowd. Just think of the Punks, the Black Panthers, or the Pink Ladies in Grease. In the case of the mother-daughter relationship also comes into play the phenomenon of imitation, which children have in mimicking and reproducing the attitudes of their parents, learning. It’s not strange then to think that the little heiresses Kardashian adore the rose and all that glitters and that the daughter of Serena Williams is a fan of outdoor movement or that Luna Legend, child of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and love to be in the kitchen. While growing up, parents are the first real "influencers". Is the style in the dna? Not exactly, but with the right amount of daily fashion, these budding celebs will definitely be real fashion-savvy once they grow, and will use the accumulated experience to build their own style.


Twinning outfits for grown-up girls

With time all the small stars grow and become big, and even the most promising daughters of art develop their own style.  But there is also the opportunity to show off an outfit combined (even just conceptually) with mom. Blue Ivy Carter, Kaia Gerber, Zoe Isabella Kravitz, Lila Grace Moss, Lily-Rose Deep, Maya Hawke, Lourdes Leon have often appeared alongside their women of the heart on big occasions. Beyoncè, Cindy Crawford, Lisa Bonnet, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, Uma Thurman, and Madonna are proud representatives of their generation and excellent examples of models to follow for their daughters, both in terms of fashion and courage in achieving their professional goals.