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Before and after: Kendall Jenner's beauty and style evolution

How the look of the supermodel has changed from her debut till today

Before and after: Kendall Jenner's beauty and style evolution How the look of the supermodel has changed from her debut till today

It was in 2011 that a young Kendall Jenner made her debut as a model on the catwalks of the big names in fashion. Although success had already arrived with the highly popular TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the first big breakthrough in her career as a supermodel came when Katie Grand launched her during Marc Jacobs 2014 Fall/Winter show during a non-pandemic New York Fashion Week. A straight bob, a headband, white powder on her face and Twiggy Lawson eye make-up. Who would not have bet that the then 18-year-old would soon become one of the most popular - and best-paid - models in the world, and that she would appear on the runways of the most famous fashion houses, from Fendi to Chanel straight through Versace and Balmain.

Today Kendall, with her over 154 million Instagram followers, continues to ride the wave of fame and success, alternating ultra-sophisticated red carpet looks with minimal casual outfits with a super urban allure. But since her debut on the catwalk, Kendall's style and beauty choices have undergone a remarkable change, an evolution that has marked her transition from shy teenager to undisputed fashion queen.
Here's how the model's style has changed from the early 2010s to the present day.



Let's start with her hairstyles. Kendall has changed her hair many and many times over the years, going from a long crew cut to bobs to a chin bobs. The must-haves of her looks include her super dark colour and a centre parting, which has always lent itself very well to her various hairstyles: ponytails, buns and boxer braids, for example. There have been a few minor exceptions - such as those bangs in 2015 or that week as blondie girl - but Kendall has remained true to her femme fatale DNA, even in the last few months when we've seen her even more in the mood for wild looks, with a new hairstyle featuring super long hair and light brown shades. Whatever the case may be, whether smooth, curly, wavy, brunette or blonde, Kendall remains an undisputed beauty, which has secured her the role of a true fashion muse.



Despite having a sister with a multi-million dollars beauty line, Kendall has always remained very loyal to the idea of less is more when it comes to make-up, obviously with the exception of the catwalk. Her style has remained very natural over the years, with light shades of smokey eyeshadow, and lip gloss or nude lips. Among her trademarks are her extra-long lashes and intense eyebrows for a magnetic look. 



Far from the super glam looks of the catwalk or the red carpets, Kendall prefers a minimal and functional style, even though versatility in dressing has always been one of her strong points. In fact, the model wears nonchalantly ultra-grippy 12 heels and OG sneakers mixed with 90s-inspired outfits, jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts and basic tops, or biker shorts, mini and bodycon dresses, oversized blazers, leather pants, and denim jumpsuits. Among her must-haves? A nice pair of dark sunglasses and the it-bag of the moment. However, Kendall certainly gives her best on special occasions, when she wears couture dresses by big designers or emerging talents and makes us dream of her breathtaking beauty. On those occasions, the top has gone from wearing tight-fitting mini-dresses to maxi-lengths with plunging necklines and interesting cut-outs. One thing's for sure, for the red carpet Kendall always sticks to the go big or go home philosophy, opting for super glamorous looks, including sparkles, sequins, transparencies, lace, very long train, animal prints or vibrant colour blocks, like a real diva.