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McCarbie's Barbie wears Fashion Week inspired looks

Caroline Helsen recreates dreamy runway looks on her Barbie dolls

McCarbie's Barbie wears Fashion Week inspired looks Caroline Helsen recreates dreamy runway looks on her Barbie dolls

Many of us certainly used to spend lot of time during our childhood playing with the most famous doll of all time, the Barbie. And let's say it, the funniest part was in fact choosing the outfits for our Mattel dolls based on the occasion, expressing all our creativity by matching tiny clothes and accessories, inspired by the fashion icons of the moment.

Caroline Helsen, 19 years old Belgian model and artist - known on Instagram as @mccarbie - turned this childhood memory into a passion: in fact she dresses her Barbies with the looks of the greatest fashion brands. Barbies wear real replicas, made with attention to the smallest details, of the clothes we see on the catwalk.

Caroline Helsen told nss G-Club about the world of McCarbie and her high-fashion Barbies - to discover the creative process behind a doll-sized catwalk outfit, like the Chanel Haute Couture SS97 look.


Hi Caroline, tell us something about you. 

Hi there! I’m Caroline Helsen, 19 years old living in Antwerp, Belgium. Currently I am working as a model and in my free time I enjoy making tiny runway outfitsI also like to hike and draw almost every day.


How did the idea of runway looks for Barbie come to life?

I started making doll clothes when I was 13. At the time me and my younger sister still played with dolls: we really disliked all the pink, glittery clothes Barbie woreSo I started making outfits that reflected more what we wanted to wear, like runway outfits.


When did you create your first Barbie? Which was the first look?

The first runway Barbie I shared was inspired by Prada SS2017 collection. Back then I was 15 years old. I had made other mini clothes before, but that was my first full look.

How do you choose the looks you recreate on the Barbies?

I am always watching as many online shows as possible and selecting my favorite looks. My dolls are a reflection of my personal style, but I also try to have some variation. No two looks are the same.
While choosing the looks I also keep in mind which fabrics I have at home, because I like to work with as many recycled materials as possible.


Which are your favorite Barbie makeovers you made (your top 3)?

My favorite is my Paco Rabanne FW2020 doll. I made it last summer and this was the most intricate and time consuming look I have ever made. The embroidery on her black dress took me more than a month to complete! 
This season I really liked my Fendi SS2021 doll, because I loved her soft and pillowy look. Last but not least I would say one of my Prada dolls. But actually it's hard to pick one!

How do you choose the fabrics and materials?

I try to make my Barbie looks with as many recycled materials as possible. So while choosing the looks I always keep in mind which fabrics I have at home. To accurately replicate the real outfits sometimes I have to create my own fabrics, using embroidery or hand paint.


What are the designers that inspire you the most for your works? And your favorite iconic Barbie?

My favorite designer varies every season, depending on the collections. My favorite iconic Barbie is the original one of 1959. First of her era and forever iconic!