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The colors of Spring/Summer 2021 in fashion

From illuminating yellow to sky blue, next season's shades are a call for optimism

The colors of Spring/Summer 2021 in fashion From illuminating yellow to sky blue, next season's shades are a call for optimism

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, the colors of 2021 are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow, two different, almost contrasting shades, chosen to express a message of strength and hope. The idea, also shared by many designers, is to give in this difficult period an injection of resilience, optimism, hope and positivity offering us a little help to restart, renew and reinvent ourselves. Watching the SS21 fashion shows, we see that, from Prada to Versace, from Valentino to Dior, all designers share the same mood and present us a palette of vibrant or pastel shades, but all with a common sense of positivity and energy.

Discover which are the 10 colors of SS21 fashion: from aqua green to purple.


Hot Red

Mood: the emotions evoked by red are love, passion, vital energy. Experts use it in chromotherapy sessions to improve circulatory problems and solve some sexual disorders; while it is a popular belief that crystals of this color provide physical and mental energy, stimulating creativity, passion, survival instinct and social adaptation.

On the catwalk: from Drome's patent leather mini to Fendi's Fifties-inspired dress, from Hermès' jumpsuit to Saint Laurent's 60s suit, red gives a strong twist even to the most basic pieces.

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Pretty Pink

Mood: in the West, pink reflects a certain sense of optimism about the future and is commonly associated with tenderness, romantic love and femininity. People believe that owning crystals of this color gives a strong relaxing power and helps to free the mind from negative thoughts.

On the catwalk: for SS21, brands such as Cecilie Bahnsen, Alexander McQueen, Rodarte and Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini choose its softest and sweatiest shade, giving romantic dresses a more rebellious touch with accessories such as combat boots and bucket hats; while, as MSGM and Balmain teach us, the brightest pink, almost fluorescent, is perfect to make sartorial outfits more feminine and eye-catching.

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Mood: the result of the fusion of two opposite colors, warm red and cold blue, purple is the color of spirituality, mystery, magic and metamorphosis. Always linked to royalty and the feminist movement, in color therapy it is used to calm nervous disorders and irritation, while in crystal therapy it is believed that purple stones bring calm and harmony.

On the catwalk: from lilac to lavender, from magenta to Ultra Violet, designers have chosen purple to play with ethereal yet contemporary femininity, consisting of floaty dresses with ruffles and transparencies, like Valentino and N°21, or more minimal, almost hieratic silhouettes like Raf Simons.

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Mood: vitaminic, joyful, positive, orange symbolizes comprehension, wisdom, stability and ambition. Born from the union of two primary colors, red and yellow, both in crystal therapy and in alternative medicine it is connected to enthusiasm, fun and is thought to make people more optimistic, spontaneous and outgoing. 

On the catwalk: from Gabriela Hearst to Sportmax, stylists used it in its most flamboyant and bright version, to emphasize the silhouette of skirts and tricot sweaters.

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Illuminating yellow

Mood: according to the Pantone Colour Institute, yellow will help us in this difficult period to amplify sunshine and optimism, but color therapy has always used it for therapeutic purposes to give the mind confidence and energy as well as to regulate the heart rate or balance blood pressure. If you're looking for a little help to brighten up a dark period or to express your creativity, why not have a piece of citrine or pyrite quartz with you?

On the catwalk: the leading color of the new year is perfect for total looks with positive vibes, but, if you don't want to be too daring, you can opt for its softer version and spice it up with accents of pink like Versace or black and gray like Prada.

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Aqua green

Mood: everyone knows that green is the color of hope, aqua green is, however, particularly linked to the ideas of perseverance and tenacity. It seems that our organism reacts positively to this shade so much so that chromotherapy theorists believe it can restore the harmony of an organism, relaxing the muscles and reducing stress levels. 

On the catwalk: Hugo Boss chose aqua green to adapt the jacket-pants suits for the hot season, Kenzo and Sunnei to give a fresh twist to dresses with unconventional silhouettes, while Miu Miu highlighted the fifties allure. If you want advice, copy from the runways and match it with cobalt blue, deep red or lilac for sophisticated outfits.

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Sky blue

Mood: calm, loyalty, spirituality, transcendence are just a few traits linked to this shade that can calm the spirit and relieve unconscious fears. Do you want to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm or improve diplomacy in your communication? Then sky blue is the right color for you.

On the catwalk: Max Mara stole the sky from the Umbrian frescoes of the 16th century for its trench coats and suits; Rokh, Acne Studios and Chloé used sky blue to give lightness to their clothes. For a cooler, more sophisticated effect, follow Vogue's tip and pair it with greige, silver and butter white. 

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Ultimate gray

Mood: according to people those who love gray are serene, balanced, wise and prudent people. Keeping gray crystals with you seems to help transform negative energies into positive ones, but also to heal childhood wounds and traumas.

On the catwalk: from Balmain to Salvatore Ferragamo, from Armani to Sportmax, most brands have chosen grey to adapt the timeless elegance of tailored suits to spring-summer.

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Mood: poised between white and pale yellow, it can come in warmer shades closer to cappuccino. As a neutral color, it conveys calm, peace and serenity.

On the catwalk: Lanvin, Max Mara and N°21 demonstrated the cool power of buttercream, especially when paired with leather or vinyl, teaching us how to update our minimalist outfits for next season.

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Total White

Mood: white evokes feelings of freshness, freedom, peace, purity and can also symbolize a new beginning. In color therapy, it is used to stimulate the cells and endocrine glands of the body, but also to aid in overcoming vitamin deficiencies, lack of appetite or anxiety.

On the catwalk: as seen in the collections of Molly Goddard and Simone Rocha, white is perfect for the ethereal and romantic dresses we will wear this summer, but it has the power to make any outfits elegant. We suggest a total white look, but if you want try to add a dose of color with accents of fluo pink, yellow and green.

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