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A timeless icon: the Jackie Bag by Gucci

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' favorite it-bag revisited now by Alessandro Michele

A timeless icon: the Jackie Bag by Gucci Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' favorite it-bag revisited now by Alessandro Michele

Symbol of the jet set of the sixties and seventies, the Jackie bag brought back by Tom Ford first and then by Frida Giannini, returns to the crest of the wave with the reinterpretation of Alessandro Michele. Known as The Hobo Jackie Bag, born as Constance in 1950, however, 1961 is the year of her success, established on the shoulders of the unforgettable First Lady who gave her the nickname, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

With a half-moon shape and the sophisticated allure of the woman the bag takes its name from, the Jackie is characterized by the snap-hook closure also known as a "piston"; the fabric, whether in monogram canvas or leather, with the Flora print, is enhanced by the contrasting shoulder strap, ideal for carrying it on the shoulder. The name Hobo derives from the typical shape of a sack, and comes from the association with the "primordial" and essential design of this timeless bag, loved by Jackie O.

The vision of Alessandro Michele's Jackie, presented for the first time during the Fall-Winter 2020 fashion show, made it more rigid and compact. It has two pockets, the handle is adjustable and it is also possible to wear it over the shoulder and is available in brand-new colors: pastel blue, pink and lilac and the classic black, white and dark red. As for the fabrics, it maintains the iconic Supreme beige and ebony, with brown leather finish, and thanks to the new techniques avoiding metals ensure a lower environmental impact. Jackie becomes cooler, acquiring a genderless and even more versatile twist.

Ma non è questo il vero e proprio debutto della Jackie di Michele: gli occhi più attenti si ricorderanno di averla vista sfilare tra le fiamme dello scenografico show svoltosi ad Arles per la Gucci Resort 2019. Lì il designer la presentò in chiave pop con una stampa in omaggio allo storico hotel Chateau Marmont di Los Angeles. Ad accomunare l’hotel e la borsa sono sicuramente l’epoca d’oro che rievocano, dalle ribellioni degli anni '60, passando per il rock anni '70 e l’edonismo degli anni '80. Un vero pezzo di storia tra le mani.

But this is not the real debut of Michele's Jackie: the most attentive eyes would certainly remember the bag among the flames of the spectacular show held in Arles for the Gucci Resort 2019. The designer presented it with a pop twist in homage to the historic Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. What unites the hotel and the stock exchange are certainly the golden age that they recall, from the rebellions of the 60s, passing through the rock of the 70s and the hedonism of the 80s. A real piece of history in your hands.

But the Jackie was revisited over the years on many occasions: it becomes pop thanks to the imagination of designer Tom Ford in the 90s, who renames it simply Jackie and colors it with flowers and metallic shades.
It was the New Jackie instead in 2014 according to Frida Giannini's vision, who made it bigger, softer, with refined details, like the visible stitching and two tassels that hang from the zipper for closure. But above all, she made a Kate Moss running from paparazzi at the airport the testimonial of the it-bag.

Born as a daytime bag, seen on the shoulders of influencers and celebrities, it conquers a new timeless versatility, suitable even for chic looks. In the last period it is the protagonist of the Gucci Art Walls scattered around the world (in New York, Hong Kong and Milan) which show the Autumn-Winter 2020 collection, as well as the outfits shown at events and shows, especially during the latest Fashion Weeks.

We find the new mini and super colorful version everywhere (but also the vintage ancestors) by scrolling through the Instagram feeds: from Emili Sindlev, to Tamu McPherson and Alyssa Coscarelli, influencers combine it with vintage items and easy-chic looks, on every occasion.

Each version of the Jackie is different while keeping the essential elements that make it so special, making it the essential for anyone who likes to change constantly, whether it's a bag, a dress or just their mood.