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The best beauty looks of the girls of "Baby"

Ludovica and Chiara's style on set and off set

The best beauty looks of the girls of Baby Ludovica and Chiara's style on set and off set

From September 16 the third and final season of Baby is available on Netflix. In the new episodes of the teen drama made in Italy all the secrets will be revealed, upsetting the world of the protagonists, who will be forced to face their actions. From Ludovica and Chiara to Damiano and Fabio, the restless kids of Liceo Collodi are ready to comeback with some new entries such as Aurora, played by Anna Lou Castoldi, daughter of Morgan and Asia Argento, and a soundtrack including two previously unreleased songs unveiled in the trailer: Maleducata by Achille Lauro and Vertigo by Levante feat. Altarboy.


TV Series & style

Rebels, complicated, rich, bored, children of careless parents, the teenagers of the series share their days as students and the life without rules lived at night, where even prostitution is a bit playful, a bit transgressive. Desperately in search of love, as the scriptwriters, the five-under -30s of the Collective GRAMS*, explain, they are constantly hovering between light and shadow, a hybrid between Élite and Federico Moccia's movies. Although highly criticized, the series is very popular: in the first 4 weeks of streaming the first season has been watched by 10 million accounts worldwide. Despite the naive and occasionally surreal dialogues, the lack of attention to detail (why an expensive private school looks like the worst of suburban high schools?) and no style.

Fashion is not the protagonist here, not 100% able to show how Millennials and Gen Z play with a mix of low coast and high fashion. Even under the supervision of Netflix there is no solution to the problem: fashion in Italian TV series is always a faded version of reality in which the ultimate in glamour is a Fendi tee, few of MSGMNorth Face, Golden Goose, Eastpak and adidas sportswear.

In Baby 3 the characters face the consequences of their actions and, in the end, start a new chapter in life. Styling and beauty follow the evolution of Chiara and Ludo. In the first two seasons, they were ready to switch from the school uniform and the easy look for a darker side, which was expressed through tight-fitting mini dresses, gold outfits, glitter, bold lipstick and smokey eyes. Now the girls, slowly as the episodes approach the grand finale, go back to being young women, undressing with masks and frills, opting for tie-dye tops, maxi hoodie and minimal, fresh and clean make-up. The character who most experiments with outfits, eye-liners and eyeshadows is Anna Lou Castoldi, an easier version of the #AltGirls aesthetic that characterizes her even off set.


Anna Lou Castoldi - Aurora

The character who most experiments with outfits, eye-liners and eyeshadows is Anna Lou Castoldi, a reinterpretation of the #AltGirls aesthetic that characterizes her style even off set. The new entry of the cast with her baby bangs, septum piercing, pink neon eyeshadow and a more graphic version of cat-eyes winks at the Tik Tok audience and tries to evoke the contemporary coolness of the Euphoria protagonists.

Baby turns on the lights on a new generation of female talents, led by Alice Pagani akaLudovica Storti and Benedetta Porcaroli aka Chiara Altieri. As in the series, even off set the two young actresses have different styles. 


Alice Pagani - Benedetta

Alice is one of the Italian it-girls of the moment. Launched by Paolo Sorrentino in the movie Loro, thanks to the attention of the Netflix series she became the star, together with Nicholas Hoult, of Emporio Armani's Together stronger campaign and every her look becomes an inspiration for a crowd of followers. The 20-year-old woman from Marche region has a love for sensual outfits, transparencies, bodycon silhouettes, slip dresses, animalier and items recalling a '90s indie mood. On the red carpet she opts for Armani, Etro, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Marco De Vincenzo. 

She combines her looks with a beauty focused on the cat-eye that emphasizes her green eyes, with nude or glowy-effect skin. Slightly messy eyebrows, visible freckles and natural skin are her strong point for a beauty, as they say, a real effortless chic beauty.


Benedetta Porcaroli - Chiara

Benedetta has joined Alessandro Michele's family and on the red carpet she almost always wears Gucci, alternating sophisticated looks made of bow shirts, long dresses, high-waisted pants, jumpsuits and prints. 

Compared to Alice she prefers a more new-chic style, while she dares more with make-up. The angelic face of the actress is even more interesting with her natural complexion, playing with smokey-eyes in shades of brown and with lipsticks in darker tones. The lipstick is the beauty protagonist of Benedetta who loves it in a thousand different shades: from matte red, to plum and burgundy but also pink and glossy.

A look that stays between minimal and elaborate, while honey-flavored hair is often left with an "messy" effect, messy but not too much. Even the gradient that goes from a hazelnut color to the bright blond of the tips, takes part in the messy effect of the looks that are always chic and well-kept. Benedetta also loves jewels, which embellish her looks and create light effects on her face: maxi necklaces, gold earrings, and rings are visible in every portrait of her.