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The most iconic looks of Lady Diana

From the "revenge dress" to sporty-chic outfits, the unforgettable style of Princess Diana

The most iconic looks of Lady Diana From the revenge dress to sporty-chic outfits, the unforgettable style of Princess Diana

More than 20 years have passed since the death of Lady Diana, and on the day of the sad anniversary every year the princess is celebrated with books, movies, documentaries, exhibitions and articles from newspapers and magazines.

We all remember Princess of Wales Diana Frances Spencer, better known as Lady D, not only for her role within the Royal Family, but also for her unforgettable style. Diana has always been considered a fashion icon, so that even Off-White choose her as the muse of its SS18 collection. The eternal style of Princess Diana is today the essence of the return to the minimal, to the classic and to the beautiful in its purest simplicity. It was enough for her to combine jeans with a t-shirt and a blazer to be ready for a public release, without the need to show off.

nss G-Club has collected the best looks of Lady Diana, waiting for the release of the last two seasons of The Crown on November 15th 2020, of which the most beloved princess will be the protagonist along with her most iconic outfits.


Hoodie & bike pants

Anyone who is a fan of the "sporty-chic" 90s revival style, a combination of street and formal, can only draw inspiration from Diana's looks, those worn during moments of everyday life: sneakers and biker shorts, together with oversized hoodies, were the real uniform of the princess for informal moments.


Long dress

Lady D has always been considered the quintessence of elegance: elegance is a difficult concept to express, but just look at these images to grasp its deeper meaning. From the iconic photograph taken in 1981 of the sleeping princess in a fairy-tale lilac dress, like a modern "Sleeping Beauty", to the Dior slip dress worn at the 1996 Met Gala.


Summer style

Summer was the time for Lady Diana to show off looks that recall what we now define Mediterranean aesthetics; colorful bikinis, minimal one-piece swimsuits, neon beachwear, oversized t-shirts, and a passion for animalier print, which today would certainly make her one of the influencers in the field of swimwear and beachwear.


The "revenge dress"

June 26, 1994. Date that marked the history of fashion (and also the life of Lady D). That day, the term "revenge dress" was born. Why this definition? The little black dress was worn by the Princess of Wales on the evening when Carlo admitted on TV cheating on her with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Fun fact: Diana wanted to wear a Valentino dress on that occasion, but last minute - so much so that the Maison had already sent a press release - she decided to opt for the beautiful black mini-dress.


Shirts and blazer jackets

The essentials of Diana's everyday life are the same ones we still wear today for a day at the office, a date with friends, a night-out in town. What couldn't be missing in the her wardrobe? Shirts, white or in pastel shades, often with wide sleeves or ruffles. Another must-have item for Diana were the blazer jackets, from the most classic ones in white, black or pinstripe, to the more "pop" in lilac, red, green and blue.



Autumn is approaching and our wardrobe will be filled with warm and comfortable sweaters. In fact, they call it "sweater weather", that time of year when comfort comes first over look. Combined with jeans and skirts, they become one of Lady D's most loved garments in the colder seasons.



As expected from any princess, Lady Diana also often appeared in public, especially on formal occasions, with wide and voluminous colorful hats, combined with her outfit. It seems that one of the most popular colors was the all-over pink, hat included.