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How would the Lizzie McGuire characters dress in 2020?

The collages by @cutoutvid_19 give us the answer, combining y2k style with contemporary brands

How would the Lizzie McGuire characters dress in 2020? The collages by @cutoutvid_19 give us the answer, combining y2k style with contemporary brands

Every Millennial, born between 1993 and 1998 knows Lizzie McGuire, the TV series focused on life and everyday adventures of a pre-teen shy yet funny American girl. The series was a milestone in Disney’s nineties productions, and gained Hilary Duff worldwide fame narrating love and friendship affairs, family conflicts and deep adolescence topics like bullying. After the big Disney+ Lizzie McGuire Series Reboot announcement, the nostalgia mania took over. The cast and the theme song is impossible to forget, but what’s more evident and unforgettable about the series is how Lizzie’s wardrobe predicted some of the current trends and rooted them in history.

Adolescence is the period when our identity is shaping up, experimenting and wandering, and Lizzie takes all the styles to understand what is best for her. The divergent styles mix&match is a huge trend right now and is extremely alive in Y2K’s aesthetic, a millennials aesthetic of which Lizzie is the forerunner.

The acronym Y2K stands for “the year 2000”, used both to define “the Millenium Bug” and to name the late-born millennials. Y2K style emulates the bold colors and the excess of accessories worn by Lizzie, saving her a place on the 90’s style icons podium still influent today. 

We spontaneously think what these TV stars would wear if it were set in 2020. Would we find a retro aesthetic in their looks, a combination of the 90s and 2000s styles? Or would they adapt completely to current trends, from streetwear to the trends dictated by catwalks and influencers? The collective of stylists @cutoutvid_19 answers these questions through creative collages created in exclusive for nss G-Club, that reproduce a y2k style reinvented in 2020.

In the collages, vintage blends with contemporary, the "new" fits perfectly with the revival mood of Lizzie and her friends. The essentials of the 2000s style make their comeback, in a nostalgic moment in which fashion needs to reinvent itself and look more than ever to the future, without forgetting the past.

We remember Lizzie in flare jeans, with a very low waist. Today, they are coming back. The mom jeans  by @unif, worn here by Lizzie, are perfect for those who want to dare and show a few more flaps of skin. Patterns on patterns, confusing but consistent. Lizzie has consistently showed off pop and colorful patterns on each other, without any fear. The optical effect that two different patterns create by mixing is perfect to be remembered: the floral patterns, horizontal stripes, squares, animal prints, by brands like @adrianahotcouture@lazyoaf and @tachclothing are the perfect example.

How can we not mentions platform sandals and shoes? Lizzie, her mum and Miranda often wear this shoe model, feminine but not too girly. Well, @buffalo shoes (that invaded the shelves of all the stores in recent years) and the sandals by @unif, worn in the collages by Lizzie and her friends, show that the trend is back. Gordo's masculine look is minimal, essential, recalls the aesthetics halfway between neo-goth and streetwear through super current brands such as @malacoda and @unitedstandard.