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10 websites to buy vintage and second-hand items

From designer items on Heroine and Vestiaire Collective to sneakers and streetwear on Stockx

10 websites to buy vintage and second-hand items From designer items on Heroine and Vestiaire Collective to sneakers and streetwear on Stockx

In the last year, our habits, ways of interacting and our routines have partly changed. The main habit to completely change was obviously about the shopping methods: in the last period, it was easier (and sometimes necessary) to buy online, rather than in-store shopping. From shopping for food and basic goods to more "frivolous" purchases, basically everything now happens online, and it's extremely easy. Also in terms of fashion industry, it is important to be aware of what the web and the digital world have to offer, and make the most out of this shopping tool, understanding its secrets and discovering new brands and designers.

A profitable (and trendy) system

As already mentioned in our complete guide to online shopping, nss G-Club likes to find little pearls and rarities in "vintage" or second-hand marketplaces all over the world, to create unique and personalized looks. In addition to finding unique pieces, by buying vintage or second-hand you contribute to a circular fashion system, which helps to limit the environmental impact. A totally conscious way of shopping.

Here we reveal our favourite second-hand online marketplaces to keep an eye on, to find unique archival pieces and exclusive offers.


Vestiaire Collective was probably one of the first online resale platforms to become popular. It defines itself as the first social shopping website, with more than 30,000 new products every week, to enrich the endless catalog. It also boasts among its retailers icons of the fashion world, and constantly launches interesting projects: after the Vintage Madness, now is the time for the Second Hand September Charity Sale. Go check it out!
For you: if you are looking for luxury brands and very fancy items.


They defines themselves as "the marketplace for creatives" and we like the definition. Whatever your goal is, you will have a chance to find what you are looking for; whether you want to find hidden things, or you desperately want to get rid of the "skeletons" in the closet. The Depop community has grown dramatically and is now so large that they offer from varsity jackets to roller skates to Pantone chairs, and much more.
For you: if you change your mind every 5 minutes.


StockX is one of the most popular resale websites in the world of streetwear, but not only. It all started with the re-selling of sneakers and from there it evolved to the resale of clothing, stickers and collectables, skateboards, design and pop culture objects, and much more. How does it work? Just like a stock market, an offer is made by those who want to buy, and if this coincides with the seller's request then the transaction takes place.
For you: if you love sneakers and streetwear. 


Heroine is probably less popular in Europe, and it is dedicated to the female world (however, the brother Grailed is there for you guys). Their goal? Creating an interactive and "educational" space for women on the topic of fashion: their Instagram account is a real mood board to draw inspiration from. The products focus more on archives of the greatest designers, but you can also find second-hand streetwear items, like Bape hoodies or Ambush jewels.
For you: if you are looking for a rarity from your favorite designer.


A young reality, The Real Real was born while the founder was working on the design and look of her house. In fact, this platform is not only focused on clothing but also offers jewelry, watches and household items. In addition, children's clothing is also available (a category that is not so easily found in the second-hand market).
For you: if you are not looking for anything specific, but discovering hidden secrets.


Rebag, as the name recalls, is the realm of bags. Here the selection is more restricted and focuses mainly on second-hand pieces (you will hardly find true vintage) at quite affordable prices.
For you: if you have an obsession with bags and you no longer have room for them at home (but you are not going to quit).


The popular retailer Asos opened its marketplace section. It is a huge community made up of countless independent boutiques from all over the world, which sell on the platform. Don't expect to find fancy designer items, better to use it for jeans, coats, shirts and more basic products. Also keep an eye on the boutiques that customize garments and accessories, creating unique pieces.
For you: if you need basic garments and like customized accessories. 


Shop The Story is a contemporary vintage e-commerce project by Alessia Algani, a collector by destiny and passion. Her love affair with fashion begins in the 80s, spending hours in the dressing rooms of shops or wandering around the markets among black coats by Yohji Yamamoto, tulle skirts by Comme des Garçons, velvet jackets by Romeo Gigli, Prada canvas shopping bags... The clothes on sale are history: items from past seasons that can't be found in the traditional circuits of boutiques or vintage stores, are often very rare and unique, coming from the catwalks.
For you: if you are a collector, always looking for unique and extraordinary pieces.


The mission of What Goes Around Comes Around is to create a sustainable market, where pre-owned and vintage pieces can find a new home. They call themselves "not a brand, but a lifestyle". Their key feature is the selection of products with the highest quality and authenticity standards.
For you: if you want high-quality products.


Pre-Owned is the new section of the e-commerce leader Farfetch, where you can find second-hand clothes. The selection is divided between iconic vintage pieces and second-hand items from recent or current collections. The most interesting offer, compared to the other platforms, is the numerous models of watches, from a 1969 Rolex to the 2017 Omega.
For you: if you are starting a collection of vintage pieces.