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Lous and The Yakuza is one of the most interesting and coolest artists of the moment

The Belgian singer collaborated with tha Supreme and Mara Sattei for the remix of 'Dilemme'

Lous and The Yakuza is one of the most interesting and coolest artists of the moment The Belgian singer collaborated with tha Supreme and Mara Sattei for the remix of 'Dilemme'

Dilemme, the single by Lous and The Yakuza that in 2019 "broke" the airplay, reaching over 10 million streams and taking the lead in the Spotify Italia's Viral 50, is back in a new remix version with two special guests: tha Supreme and Mara Sattei. The hit that recounts the dilemma between living a social life or a hermit's life is enriched with two new verses in which the Mattei siblings sing about loneliness, "dilemmi nella testa""chiudersi dentro un universo" e di un "mare che non trova pace", ma anche di una "bastarda che finge di amarmi" e di fare il "pazzo nel tuo iPhone"

Lous and the Yakuza is the project of Marie-Pierra Kakoma, a Belgian singer of Congolese origin born in 1996. Lous is the anagram of Soul, Yakuza is a way to pay tribute to all the people who collaborate with her, believe in her music and support her. In her early twenties, the young promise of trap music has a troubled past and a talent that will help her to become a star.

My story is common to that of many immigrants, with backgrounds of war and poverty. When I arrived with my parents in Rwanda, I found a country destroyed by the genocide of 10 years before, it was very hard for me, but returning to Belgium was also difficult. I tried to build my career after I graduated, I was a black girl with no support and all the doors were closed. But I believed it - she says and adds - I would like to describe myself like this: I am a nice person who makes music, a human being, a black woman. 

Miguel Fernandez, her manager, was the first to recognize her talent, followed by El Guincho, the producer of Rosalía who produced, together with Ponko, Dilemme and worked with Lous on the development of Gore, the album coming out on June 5, 2020. If the song that made her famous is "a jewel of French urban, where the French-speaking pop song mixes with the trap", the new work, recorded between Barcelona, Brussels and Paris, promises to be a mix of French traps and ballads, mirroring the young tormented life of the singer-songwriter.

Lous has a passion for manga (she is also a Dragonball fan!), loves folklore, dance, body language and has a strong spirituality. An example is a graphic sign, created by her, which she has tattooed on her forehead and represents two arms connecting the earth to the sky: 

It means that I have my arms open and my gaze upwards, it's a gesture that you do when something wonderful happens to you or when you ask for help because you're sad, that's all I am.

Beautiful and cool, Lous has conquered everyone with his urban style that blends ethnic and street influences, recalling some style icons like FKA twigs and Erykah Badu. The inspiration can be seen in the styling by Elena Mottola, like in occasion of her last video clip "Solo" or for the DMA Music Awards. Elena tells us about Lous:

It is a pleasure to work on the styling for Lous: she has a very creative personality, always ready to try new things, to experiment with new styles. It is a continuous exchange of ideas, of mood-boards, we go hand in hand and we confront each other. Lous is a combination of many different characters, she can be super feminine, wearing a Chloé or Jacquemus look, but also express her more creative and urban side with garments by Dilara Findikoglu, Dipesta, or Y / Project.

Well, the fashion world definitely noticed her, and Chloé chose her as a model for the fashion show of its FW20 collection.