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The 10 coolest girls of the TV shows

From 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' to 'Love' and 'You', from 'Fleabag' to 'Chewing Gum'

The 10 coolest girls of the TV shows From 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' to 'Love' and 'You', from 'Fleabag' to 'Chewing Gum'

Their names are Love, Mickey, Villanelle, Tracey, Veronica, Sabrina, Betty, Maeve, Robe. They're the new source of style on demand. Protagonists of the most popular TV series in recent years, with their outfits they set the rules in terms of fashion and influence our shopping. We watch them for hours on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, following their stories and at the same time getting every detail, change of clothes, brand wore. We copy them, criticize them as if they were our best friend. Who's the coolest? Each of us has a different answer. We've chosen 10, the muses of streaming.


Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The basis for an eye-catching series was there right from the very beginning: magic, an iconic comic book and a city, Greendale, where it's always autumn. Add Angus Strathie, Oscar-winning costume designer for Moulin Rouge, and you have a collection of looks that mix puritan goth chic and Swinging Sixties. Sabrina Spellman, the half-witch, half-mortal girl, has a wardrobe that references Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick and Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. Her favourite items? Headband, pan collars, mini dresses, cosy sweaters, printed shirts, miniskirts, coats, satchel bags, lace and lots of red.


Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) – Fleabag

For many people, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the most talented female author of the serial scene of the moment, the one who with her brilliant, honest and out of stereotypes writing is changing the way we portrayed the woman on the screen. Fleabag is the series that made her famous. The (nameless) protagonist of the show is a sort of archetype of a generation of women in their thirties, independent, single and confused, struggling with frustration, humiliation, problems and doubts. All of these changing lives are also told by Fleabag's wardrobe, a series of boring looks which hide the fear of daring: blue trench coats, 60s shirts, striped t-shirts, stockings, pan collars.  They are all in black, blue, white and red. A bit 90's mood, completed by red lipstick and mascara (stained cheeks ). The only item in the series that went viral? A Silk Fred deep-neckline black jumpsuit.


Alyssa (Jessica Barden) - The end of the fucking world

Mood grunge in British style. James and Alyssa are a sort of Clarence and Alabama (True Romance) in a less cool version. The looks of the guy who thinks he is a killer and the girl he chose to be his first victim are quite similar, made of floral prints, faded colors (shades of brown and yellow all over), slouchy leather jackets, jeans, sweaters and oversized tees. 


Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) – Love

The character played by Gillian Jacobs is definitely a style crush. Jennifer Eve, the costume designer of the series, compared Mickey's style to an "hungover — like after a bender — Alexa Chung". Her cult item is the hipster t-shirt, either from a rock band or with a cool quote. Other highlights of her outfits are jeans, leather or denim miniskirts, flannel shirts, dungarees (Carhartt) bomber jackets and college jackets, anckle boots and bodysuits ( the red one worn in the first episode of Love went viral). 


Love (Victoria Pedretti) - You

Love Quinn, Joe Goldberg's new love obsession, is rich, outgoing, bohemian, a true contemporary Californian girl who wears floral mini dresses, vintage striped suits, 70s rockstar velvet jackets, soft shirts, basic shirts and tank tops, Converse and hoop earrings. A natural beauty, even in make-up choices.


Tracey (Michaela Coel) - Chewing Gum

The dresses reflect the funny and cheeky style of the show so much so that Tracey has maybe the brightest wardrobe among Netflix stars. Her closet is full of colorful clothes (yellow is a must) and funny prints. The key piece of her outfits is the sweater (better if decorated with the design of a dinosaur, a zebra or another animal) from which comes the collar of a fancy shirt, often worn with a skirt. The beauty detail to copy? Definitely the braids. 


Villanelle (Jodie Comer) - Killing Eve 

Killing Eve is the ultimate show for the fashion addicted that hides inside each of us. Using fashion as a weapon, Villanelle has redefined the concept of femme fatale for the modern woman. Her looks are one more unstable than the other: Dries Van Noten power suit, Chloé blazer, Christian Lacroix earrings, Lanvin peplum top, leather top by JW Anderson, Burberry trench coat, Balenciaga open-toe, Phillip Lim bomber, Alexander McQueen couture neo-gothic dress,...The viral outifit? Bubblegum-pink tulle Molly Goddard dress.


Syd (Sophia Lillis) - I Am Not Okay With This

Can an anti-fashion character become a style influencer? Why not. Sydney is a clumsy girl, a bit nerdy, with mysterious telekinetic powers and a difficult life to manage. Her oversized sweaters, which look like they've been stolen from Cliff Robinson's worst items collection, are armor for everyday life.


Veronica (Camila Mendes ) - Riverdale

Veronica Lodge is the austere version of Blair Waldorf. With the star of Gossip Girl she shares money, New York origins, designer clothes, a love for pearls and a certain mania for perfection. Always sophisticated in her dark shades dresses (designed to contrast the style choices of Betty, the girl next door), there's something about her outfits that makes her look more like a preppy 40-year-old than a cool teenager. 


Rebeca (Claudia Salas) - Elite

Beautiful, young, rich. Among loves, secrets, betrayals, murders and changes of clothes, the students of Las Encinas look like the made in Spain version of the Gossip Girls guys. There's the snobby Blair Waldorf girl, the rebel, the annoying, the outsider and all the other stereotypical characters that are a must in every teen series. All well-packed in Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren outfits. And then there's Rebeca, narco-Barbie (her mother is a drug boss), who adds a street "Jenny from the block" touch to this preppy teen crew. Her essentials? Heavy makeup, maxi hoop earrings, choker, fanny pack, fluorescent colours, shorts, crop top, bomber, fishnet stockings.