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Summer Fridays is the brand you need to add in your beauty routine

The Jet Lag Mask does wonders

Summer Fridays is the brand you need to add in your beauty routine The Jet Lag Mask does wonders

It's called Summer Fridays and if you didn't know it, it's the new beauty brand taking over YouTube and not only thanks to its skincare line and one hero product: the Jet Lag Mask.

The founders of the brand are Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores, two bloggers passionate about the beauty industry who couldn't manage to find the "perfect treatment". Along with a team of experts (and two years of tests and hard work), they found the perfect formula for their first product, bound to become into a cult  - a simple mask, yet very effective, which leaves the skin glowing and healthy.

We've tried countless beauty products. Thanks to our blogs - Life With Me and You & Lu — we were sent any kind of product. But, despite closets and shelves full of any kind of beauty product, we were still looking for something that cointaned good ingredients but that could still provide our skin a glowing look worth of a selfie. Along with a team of experts, we worked hard to create our very own creation: a simple mask that leaves the skin beautiful whether you're walking off an airplane after a 10-hour flight or if you're simoply going to work. 

This is how the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask was created, the hydrating skin mask made for glowless and stressed skin that can be used at any moment of the day since it's invisible. Its vegan formula (without parabens, petrolatums, silicons and perfumes) gives the skin a nourishing mix of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and exfoliating extracts which work together to hydrate and soothe even sensitive skins.

The skincare line features moreover two new facemasks (one highlighting and one exfoliating) and a serum made with vitamin C that can be used together with the Jet Lag Mask for a wow effect.

Summer Fridays products are available here and here