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5 beauty products to try this week

From Lancôme metallic blue liquid eyeliner to Gucci glitter blue lipstick

5 beauty products to try this week From Lancôme metallic blue liquid eyeliner to Gucci glitter blue lipstick

A few days ago, Pantone Color Institute announced that the colour of 2020 will be the "Classic Blue" alias Pantone 19-4052. From indigo to ocean blue, this deep tone can be defined as "a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection" that "brings a sense of peace, clarity and even protection".

Girls who love wearing blue can finally be happy! Speaking about beauty, and makeup, in particular, we are sure that the protagonist of the next year will be the Classic Blue.

And this week, nss G-Club selected 5 Classic Blue beauty products you should have in your beauty case.


Lancôme Eyeliner Blue Metallic

A liquid eyeliner that gives you a metallic look, thanks to the combination of vibrant colour pigments and advanced technology.

HOW TO: Place gently the top of the pen on the upper part of the eyelid and delicately pass the pen to draw a very fine line.


MAC Pigmenti Naval Blue

A highly concentrated blue powder with specific ingredients made to stick to your skin and last longer. 

HOW TO: After applying a primer to make the product stick to the skin, place the pigments where you prefer (eyes, lips, eyebrows, eyelash, etc.) 


Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish Bleu Trompeur

A nail polish that offers a strong, thin and ultra-luminous coating, that gives a smooth and lacquered effect.

HOW TO: Starting from the top of your nails, spread the nail polish to the bottom. Be careful, leave a small part of the nail (few millimetres) from the cuticles without product.


Kosas 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow Blue

Resistant to the crease and long-lasting, this liquid eyeshadow presents a super quick-dry formula. You will need to wait only 10 seconds!

HOW TO: Shake the product before use, and then apply it overall on the upper eyelid.


Gucci Glitter Fay Turquoise Lipstick

A highly-pigmented lipstick with an iridescent layer that embraces the lips softly. 

HOW TO: Apply the product on your lips starting from the lip contour, and moving smoothly to the inside.