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The 5 essentials of Selma Kaci Sebbagh

What does an influencer need?

The 5 essentials of Selma Kaci Sebbagh What does an influencer need?

nss G-Club inaugurates the new 5 Essentials format that will explore the feeds of the best bloggers, influencers and Instagram celebrities to tell you what are the five essentials of their wardrobe and the secrets of their style. Our first protagonist is French-Algerian Selma Kaci Sebbagh, who is 24 years old and lives in Paris, where she graduated from the Sorbonne and works as a blogger, creative and Event Project Manager for StockX.

Selma is a sneaker lover, owning a large collection of them (more than 150 pieces) ranging from the most high-end models such as Off-White, Yeezy and sacai to the more classic pieces such as Cortez, Nike React and New Balance. Selma has a chic but modern style, deeply French, focused on the colours and comfort of fit, elevated by design items that act as highlights for each look. Here are the five essentials of her wardrobe.


J.W. Anderson Anchor Logo Bag

J.W. Anderson's Anchor Logo Bag officially debuted on the brand's Instagram page last April, quickly becoming an instant-classic for the women's wardrobe. Those seen on Selma are the classic two black and white colorways. The white version lends itself more to softer colors while the black version is used to make more interesting contrasts.


Bomber Jackets

One piece that can't be missing in Selma's wardrobe is the bomber jacket, reiterated in the padded winter version, such as the Satin Varsity Jacket by Comme des Garon Shirt, or in the spring of sacai's Oversized Bomber Jacket and the Blue Teddy Yoshi by Coralie Marabelle



Almost ubiquitous items in the blogger's outfits are caps. These include Supreme's Five Panel Caps in black, pink and orange colorways; Stone Island's Six Panel Cap and the Nike x Sean Wotherspoon Heritage '86 Quickstrike Cap Multicolor.



The women's suit and the sartorial detail are essential to the kind of metropolitan chic that Selma creates with her outfits. As in the rest of her wardrobe, the formal element is never taken too seriously but lightened with colorful patterns that maintain the easiness of a street look but with the clean silhouette that only a blazer can give. One of the most beautiful outfits combines a blue double-breasted blazer by Lacoste with an orange and black dress with floral pattern. In another shot we see Zara's Pink Corduroy Suit juxtaposed with a Lacoste hoodie.


The Gucci necklace

A ubiquitous element of her outfits is a Gucci necklace in pierced gold decorated with the monogram of the fashion house. A piece that is both elegant, discreet in its lightness but visible enough to be noticed in every look.