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Cardi B stars in the new Reebok campaign

Along with her amazing nails

Cardi B stars in the new Reebok campaign Along with her amazing nails

A few days ago we reported on the latest Reebok product, the Nailed It supplement that allows nails to grow faster and with a surprising makeover.  

Now the American sportswear giant unveils its latest campaign, entitled Sport The Unexpected, which sees as a protagonist an international superstar that has turned nail art into one of her benchmarks: Cardi B. Launching the campaign is a surreal and funny video that portrays Cardi in a beauty salon along with some regular customers. Cardi wears the iconic Reebok Club C and her magic nails come to life and magically tie her laces. The video is also a homage to Cardi's story, and to her courage to challenge stereotypes and prejudices, becoming one of the most influential personalities in the music and fashion world. 

Sport The Unexpected celebrates unconvential, brave and revolutionary figures, who were able to blur the lines between fashion, music and culture. With Cardi B nail art becomes a statement, a way to express your personality, the latest female empowerment tool for those who are not afraid of the opinion of others. 

The protagonist of the video along with Cardi's nails are the Reebok Classic Club C Vintage, a silhouette that against all odds has become one of the most successful sneakers of the brand, turning into streetwear must-have. Originally launched in the '80s, they boast a timeless and minimalist look that will never get old. 

The Reebok Classic Club C Vintage is now available on the Reebok website.