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Nike's celebration of the sports bra

The most important piece of apparel for the active woman

Nike's celebration of the sports bra  The most important piece of apparel for the active woman

Today like never before the female sport is celebrated, narrated and explored. 

Nike is undoubtedly one of the absolute protagonists of this new narration, that starting from commercials like Dream Crazier is increasingly focusing on the relationship between women and sports. In addition, this June in France will take place the anticipated Women's Football World Cup, that seems to have reached that level of legitimacy and interest that is usually given exclusively to the Men's World Cup. 

In the light of this event, Nike has presented, along with the kits of the Women's National Football Teams, the new sports bras that will make a difference not only in the athletes' performance but also in the life of all those women who train every day. The sports bra, although it’s typically hidden beneath a layer, is probably the most important accessory for a woman doing sport: 

It is the most important piece of apparel for the active woman a good one enables women to play sports, and sports can give women confidence in life

says Janett Nichol, VP of Apparel Innovation. Besides being functional and supportive, Nike sees the sports bra as so much more than an undergarment, and wants women to celebrate the sports bra and to view it as a symbol of the power they possess. 

One of Nike's most remarkable results is the Bra FE/NOM Flyknit, which debuted during the 2012 London Olympics and that will support female footballers on the pitch in France this summer. The bra was created after 600 hours of rigorous biometric testing: the bra is constructed with an ultra-soft nylon-spandex yarn that form-fits to your body, using two single-layer panels that are assembled for a seamless feel. While other high-support Nike bras can have up to 41 pieces and 22 seams, the Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra has two panels and a binding and is 30 per cent lighter than any other bra in Nike’s line.

The future of female sports depends also on a good bra.