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We asked some hairdressers what they think about laser bleaching

Is it really a fast and healthy way to lighten hair?

We asked some hairdressers what they think about laser bleaching Is it really a fast and healthy way to lighten hair?

Let’s be honest: among the most requested treatments at hair salons, coloring and bleaching are undoubtedly the ones that require the most time and patience. Choosing the right day to give our look a makeover almost becomes a Herculean task, between work commitments, family obligations, and finding an open slot at the salon. But what if we could speed up this process?

Laser bleaching is the new hair trend born on TikTok

Recently, on TikTok, a new technique has gained traction, promising drastically reduced processing times: hair laser. It’s the trend of the moment in Spain, and videos of the machine in action have gone viral, reaching our devices. What do the experts think? Hairdresser Nicolas Daga broke the ice on social media, offering an overview of the topic: "The page that published the viral video is called Botox Spain. It is a medical center in Barcelona that performs aesthetic treatments, so it has nothing to do with the hair world. Through some research, I discovered that this laser is fundamentally the same laser or the same technology behind tattoo removal. Therefore, it is a type of laser that can be used to remove the layered melanin on the hair" he explained. "This means that if we apply a certain dark color and then want to remove it, we can use this laser to do so. From what I understand, it does not affect natural hair, as there is no pigment to remove. This laser, also called Q-Switched laser, serves to break down the color while keeping the hair structure intact."


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La decoloración del cabello con láser implica el uso de luz láser para eliminar selectivamente el pigmento del cabello.

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Pros and cons of laser bleaching: experts weigh in

"I noticed that the pointer is small, so in my opinion, it might not be precise on the working surface, also considering that it is always a person handling the tool. For example, hand tremors or distractions could compromise the result" explains hairdresser Giuseppe Laurendi. As for the potential risks of this novelty, the hairdresser shares his doubts with us: "To lighten the hair, you would have to kill the melanin in the hair itself, but what would happen with dark hair? This is another thing to consider. Classic bleaching, as we know, involves a bleaching product based on hydrogen peroxide penetrating the hair. This laser method, however, targets the natural pigments in the hair and lightens them."

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A bit of skepticism is always healthy

Laurendi is therefore a bit skeptical about the new technique, as it is still primarily a treatment done in medical clinics, making it economically challenging to introduce the machine into salons and train the staff. Consequently, it’s also complex to determine a final price to offer to the client. Alessandro Maritato, founder of the famous brand Look Total Brand, also questions the versatility of the pointer, considering the time factor: "The laser we see in online videos is really small, so not exactly fast at doing the job. Imagine it on significant hair... it would take many hours." The hair stylist known for incredible transformations, despite his doubts, also highlights another important aspect of being a hair stylist: the ability to innovate by accepting new challenges and never setting creativity aside. "I am always in favor of research and development. Surely this first prototype of laser, if improved, could create a real breakthrough, eliminating one of the most significant problems in beauty salons, namely microparticles. I’m also curious, so I would try it." In conclusion, the hair bleaching laser is a promising technology, but it is still too early to call it a revolution. It’s important, as always, to maintain a cautious and informed approach.