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Splash! A beach vacation starts with your nails

Let's get ready to paint mermaid tails, shells, starfish, waves, seawater and tropical elements

Splash! A beach vacation starts with your nails Let's get ready to paint mermaid tails, shells, starfish, waves, seawater and tropical elements

Summer is just around the corner. For months now, we've been dreaming of the moment when we can leave work and daily routines behind to relax by the sea. If we close our eyes, we can almost feel the warm sun kissing our skin, the scent of saltwater mingling with the aroma of sunscreen, the grains of sand under our feet, and our body being gently rocked by the waves. We wish it were already time to pack our bikinis and leave, abandoning the rain and stress behind to enjoy an adventure filled with lazy days under the umbrella, ice creams, swims, and exotic aperitifs at sunset. Too long to wait? We can start getting into the right mood with makeup, not only by playing with blush and gloss but by pulling out the most beautiful nail polishes from the drawer. Let’s unleash our imagination and draw inspiration from the sea and beach to paint shells, fish, waves, water, jellyfish, and even tropical elements like hibiscus flowers and sunsets on our nails. For those who associate the sea with the Little Mermaid, the mermaid aesthetic is still a strong trend, with nail artists recreating the iridescences of these enchanting creatures’ tails.

Iridescent Nails

What happens when the chrome nails trend meets mermaidcore? Hybrid and shimmering manicures are born, trying to reproduce the pearlescence of seashell interiors and mermaid tails. There are many variations possible, and numerous celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld, Megan Fox, and Saweetie are fans of this design. For instance, Zola Ganzorigt created multichromatic Y2K style nails for Kylie Jenner. To achieve this look, simply apply nail polish like a traditional manicure: base coat, two layers of chromatic colors blended together, and a final touch with a top coat to seal it all.

Water Nails

The desire for the sea, pool, and water also invades nails. On TikTok, where it's popular, the trend is called Pool Water Nails, but it's also referred to as Water Nails or Water Drop Nails if a drop is added with a transparent builder gel. The idea is to reproduce the effect of waves or sea water. All shades of blue and azure, bubbles, marble, and reflections that mimic the light on the water's surface are welcome. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a more minimalist or 3D version for a splash effect on your nails!

Mermaid Nails

More than just a trend, it’s a true fashion obsession inspired by the enchanting Little Mermaid and Ariel. The mermaidcore trend features pearlescent and iridescent hues in shades of blue, green, white, and gold, with additional details like pearls, glitter, and rhinestones reminiscent of the seabed and its creatures. These elements are ideal for creating whimsical and enchanting nails for those who can't resist the call of the ocean.

Seashell Nails

The seashells with their textures, shapes, and colors creating unique and hypnotic geometries inspire nail artists who, in anticipation of a summer by the sea, play with brown and white, 3D effects, and sinuous designs. If you are looking for an impactful manicure that best expresses your love for the beach and romantic nature, this is the perfect choice to flaunt in the coming months.

Beach Nails

Remember when we used to collect seashells on the beach as kids? The idea behind this manicure is the same as our childhood summer hobby: painting or attaching snails, murices, cowries, murexes, nautiluses, and scallops on the nails. If you're not very handy, it's better to avoid DIY and turn to a professional nail artist, because achieving the desired effect can be tricky, but it's definitely in the mood of those dreaming of a seaside vacation.

Koi Fish and Other Fish

Okay, the koi carp needs fresh water, but it’s so beautiful that it’s perfect painted on nails. If you don’t like it, there are many sea fish with their vibrant colors and captivating shapes that can be the subject for a summer manicure. Feeling aggressive? Draw a little shark. Feeling romantic? Opt for Nemo, the clownfish. The ocean is full of ideas to copy.

Tropical Nails

Do you dream of a tropical island with crystal-clear water, palm trees, coconuts, mangoes, colorful parrots, fabulous sunsets, and hibiscus flowers? While you’re waiting to go, you could paint these elements on your nails for a truly unique and catchy manicure. If you’re not a fan of maximalism, you can just replicate the colors of the flora and fauna, like coral, for example.