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Lucky nail art is the latest TikTok trend

For a boost of positive vibes, from head to toe

Lucky nail art is the latest TikTok trend  For a boost of positive vibes, from head to toe

Let's admit it: we all have a symbol or a small object that we always keep with us hoping it brings us a bit of luck. Talismans and amulets are part of a centuries-old tradition, they tell legends and cultures, they change according to beliefs but remain a way (perhaps naive) to hope that happiness and good things enter our lives, while evil and negative situations stay as far away as possible. They can be a childhood memory, a religious icon, a jewel belonging to a loved one, a colored lace, or any trinket to which we associate positive vibes. There is also another way to ensure good karma and a propitious fate, though: it's about painting those lucky charms on nails, using creativity and nail art not just for aesthetic pleasure, but, hopefully, to attract positivity or to make our wishes come true. Thus, ladybugs, evil eyes, and four-leaf clovers emerge on the nails. Colors are carefully chosen according to their meaning as the manifestation manicure dictates, and aura nails become the favorite beauty trend because they're cute but also spiritual.

Manifestation: Using the Magic of Colors on Nails

Manifestation consists of attracting what we desire simply by visualizing it. Imagining the ideal future as real makes our goals seem closer and more achievable, inspiring us to act to achieve them. From scripting diaries to daily affirmations, there are many techniques to try. One that is currently successful on TikTok is manifestation manicure, painting what we desire on nails. Followers of this trend generally apply the color theory. They believe that each color contains a vibrational energy that can enhance our intentions. In simple terms, when we wear a certain shade on our body, we tell our brain and our subconscious what our intentions are and the energy with which we want to tune in. Using a yellow polish brings optimism, turquoise is balancing and healing, lavender gives self-confidence, orange stimulates creativity. For example, if we want to attract romantic energies, we can wash our hands with rose water (roses are a symbol of love) paying more attention to the ring finger, which symbolizes love. Then, we choose passionate red as nail polish or a pink that, depending on the shade, represents a flirtation, an engagement, or a great sexual affinity. Finally, always on the ring finger or on several nails, we could draw a heart to amplify the manifestation.

Aura Nails: Between Spirituality and Chakras

The Aura is the luminous radiation field, normally invisible, that surrounds the human body. It's the energy we emit and reflects our state of physical and mental health. It combines the effects of all the chakras, the energy centers within the body linked to a mood or feeling that help maintain spiritual, mental, and emotional balance. Aura nails are inspired by these concepts, a current trend favored by Dua Lipa, Cardi B, and Megan Fox, but it's also a way to express one's spirituality. In this case too, the choice of color that reflects our soul is fundamental. Red embodies an energetic and fiery spirit, purple an intuitive and empathetic one, yellow a sunny and charismatic one, pink a gentle, caring one, and so on.

How to Create Aura Nails

There are many techniques to create them, such as airbrushing or blending polish with a brush. The simplest one? First, apply the color we want as a base for the nails and let it dry perfectly. Now, apply the first color of our aura by delicately dabbing it in the center of the nail, creating a circular shape with blurred edges using a makeup sponge (a useful hack is to dip the sponge in a nail polish remover with acetone base to soften it). At this point, after waiting for the drying time, we can dot the center with another layer of polish of a shade more intense than the one chosen for the previous step. Let it dry and, finally, use a top coat to seal the result.

Small Signs of Good Luck

Each of us has our own personal lucky charm, but there are symbols universally considered auspicious that can be painted on nails to give a twist to our look and (hopefully) a boost of karmic energies. Some examples? For farmers, ladybugs bring luck, while in Chinese tradition, they are a symbol of love that has the power to reunite two separated hearts. According to an Irish legend, the four-leaf clover brings luck because it hides a treasure. It is associated with the color of hope par excellence, green, which becomes the ideal base to experiment with manicures. Rare and hopeful in color, the four-leaf clover is considered lucky and, according to popular belief, putting one under the pillow brings good dreams. Stars, especially shooting ones, are said to make wishes come true. Keys symbolize wealth, health, and love. Another idea that brings positivity and joy? The Happy Face.

Nail Art to Ward Off Misfortune

There are many symbols said to keep evil away. Why not choose them for our manicure? The choice is between the Hamsa hand and the Nazar, also known as the eye of Allah or evil eye, which ward off the evil eye and protect from envy; the dream catcher, which in the shamanic cultures of Native Americans dissolves negative energies and brings good dreams; the horseshoe symbolizes strength and power against evil. Also popular is the red horn, a wish for happiness and health, but also a lucky charm to ward off life's misfortunes.