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How much does your beauty and skincare routine cost?

We asked passersby how much their face is worth, more or less

How much does your beauty and skincare routine cost? We asked passersby how much their face is worth, more or less

Our beauty and skincare routine keeps evolving. Depending on our budget, we often add extra products, replace the old ones, and try out new approaches. We have to think about our face, of course, but also our hands, feet, and body. It's not easy, and all these products quickly add up, reaching significant monthly figures for hydrating and treating our skin that would horrify those who want nothing to do with beauty and skincare.

How much do people spend on their beauty routine?

According to a survey conducted on over 1000 people by Advance Dermatology, in 2022, the average American spent about $722 annually on skincare and beauty products, with an average spending range at Sephora from a minimum of $50 per purchase session to a maximum of $200. According to a LendingTree survey of about 1900 people just two years later (in 2024), this average spending has skyrocketed to $1700 annually, although the data varies by generation. That's approximately $140 per month. Who's to blame (or credit)? Apparently, influencers. Forty-six percent of the surveyed Americans stated that they were influenced to make purchases by social media content. Many of them, however, end up regretting it. What about Italy?


Our survey through the streets of Milan

With the help of Kevin Santeramo, we tried asking girls and boys from Milan how much they spend, and the answers varied greatly. It ranged from €50 to €150, with some peaks even higher. Approaches also varied: some focus on a few but good products, some delve into Korean skincare, some are eager to share their secrets, and some simply don't want to talk about it. And there's even some forays into the world of aesthetic medicine.

Tips to save money: budget-friendly skincare and some tricks

If you want peachy skin but don't have €1700 to spend on products every year, here are some tips to save money. If you like experimenting, we recommend subscription beauty boxes. These boxes arrive at your doorstep every month with lots of new products to try, usually at a very convenient price. If you have your favorite products that you wouldn't give up for the world, we recommend checking out their dupes or cheaper versions available at supermarkets containing the same active ingredients and useful substances for your specific needs. Just do some research. As the beauty world grows, so do skinminimalism campaigns, advocating for a minimal approach to achieve a natural and healthy look without breaking the bank, echoing the mantra of less is more. Cutting down on some products and focusing on two or three bottles that you really can't do without could indeed save you a lot of money (and time).