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Nail art returns to minimalism

Despite the spring, pastels are out

Nail art returns to minimalism Despite the spring, pastels are out

Nail art has always been a go-to for showing off our personalities, and boy, have we seen some trends come and go. While years past have been all about bigger, bolder, brighter nails, recently, we’ve seen a resurgence of classic nail art — think classic red, french tips, and pinky-nude. You might be surprised at a few of the nail trends popping up this season. Yes, it’s spring, but unlike years passed, pastels are out. Maybe it’s a symptom of the recent mob wife aesthetic, or maybe it’s the resurgence of the New York perfect girl conversation on TikTok, but nail trends are going back to the traditional and classic.

French manicure is back

Starting with the french manicure, women are reverting back to the classic white-tipped nails like never before. We’re expecting to see the french tip everywhere this spring and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re into the square-cut southern-belle french tip, or the ultra-thin French tip, any combo of the classic color French tip is in this season. Versatile, elegant, and oh-so-timeless, it's a must-have for any occasion, whether you're hitting the town or chilling at home.

The mob wife nails

Channeling your inner mob wife? You’re not the only one. Dark red, cherry red, candy red, all of the reds are coming back this spring. A classic pop of color that immediately feels sexy, the red nail is a perfect colorful addition that doesn’t distract from your spring outfit. Without fuss: only color.

Miminalist allure

Sometimes, less really is more. The classic minimalist nude is everywhere — whether more pink or more yellow in tone, the simple nude nail is the low-key nail of choice for women this season. It's all about that effortless sophistication, with nails that fade into the background. Classic nail art is coming back in full force this spring – timeless trends that continue to steal the show. Whether you're flaunting the elegance of a french manicure, bringing back vintage glamour with bright red, or keeping it sleek and chic with minimalist vibes, embrace the classics this spring with nail art trends that have withstood the test of time.