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The great return of drugstore skincare

According to TikTok, the best products are bought in drugstores and herbalist shops

The great return of drugstore skincare According to TikTok, the best products are bought in drugstores and herbalist shops

According to recent statistics, more and more people are opting to purchase skincare products online (especially on platforms like Amazon), or from major cosmetic retailers such as Sephora and Douglas. Research conducted by ESDB x Cosmetica Italia has shown that pharmacies rank only seventh on the list of consumers' preferred channels for buying cosmetics and skincare products. The post-pandemic era has confirmed this shift, with a steadily growing trend towards online purchasing. But will things always remain this way? The answer is no, and social networks are revealing this to us. Our Instagram feeds and TikTok for you pages are clear: the Gen Z is favoring a return to purchasing skincare products at drugstores, pharmacies and herbal shops.

Products to Buy at the drugstore (According to Social Media)

This time, it's not just beauty creators and influencers offering recommendations, but pharmacists themselves, showcasing their current favorites from their workstations. One example is the account of Anna the pharmacist. Among her must-haves are Marco Viti's hyaluronic acid cream, the Idrovel facial moisturizer, and plain vaseline. On TikTok, one cannot ignore discussions about Finacea's azelaic acid gel, excellent for combating pimples and imperfections. Lastly, don't miss the advice from pharmacist Selene, who offers daily solutions for all skin types and encourages reflection on the use and application of specific products. In short: is consumer behavior destined to change?

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Herbal Influencers

Alongside TikTok pharmacists, we also find advice from those coming from the world of herbalism, such as Irene Ierdi, always ready to find the right product for her followers. This is emblematic of the new wave sweeping consumers, guiding them toward new paths. This is also thanks to influencer marketing. In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of collaborations and partnerships between content creators and well-positioned brands in the cosmetic industry, while the same has not occurred for pharmaceutical companies. Now, things are changing. If approximately 42% of consumers are willing to purchase products promoted by influencers, and if pharmacists and herbalists are becoming influencers themselves, the pendulum shifts toward these places, both new and old at the same time.

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Is the Future of Beauty Buying in Pharmacies?

Beneath the numerous videos from pharmacist influencers, we read comments like, "I have a pharmacy nearby and I had no idea I could find such high-performing, low-cost products for my skincare routine, you've opened up a whole new world for me." The discovery and rediscovery of these places comes from social media. What do you think? Have you noticed this change of direction? If so, are you planning to try them out, or will you remain loyal to your selection purchased from your trusted perfumery?