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The aesthetic beauty treatments that celebrities undergo (but go unnoticed)

The makeup is there, especially when it escapes the gaze

The aesthetic beauty treatments that celebrities undergo (but go unnoticed) The makeup is there, especially when it escapes the gaze

The cult of the body has always plagued us, in this incessant cycle of aesthetic trends that change from one moment to the next. Not long ago, we were all on high alert when the Kardashians one by one removed their Brazilian butt lift, followed by influencers who took it as an eloquent "return to heroin chic," as read on various blogs. Perhaps, even though the mantra "thin is beautiful" persists, clarity and irony emerge among the surgeons of Los Angeles.

The most effective non-surgical treatments


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While surgical operations are often conspicuous, such as the recent cheek reduction of Miley Cyrus, many celebrities or influencers prefer to resort to more discreet rituals to maintain their flawless appearance. During an episode of "The Kardashians," Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner revealed their secret: the use of NAD+ supplements. Hailey joked, saying, "I will undergo NAD+ for the rest of my life, and I will never age." The two received intravenous therapy, ensuring 100% bioavailability. Watching the episode from home, however, we did not fully understand what it was about. For this reason, in this article, we will try to explore some of the "secret" treatments of celebrities.

@snjesthetique Hailey Bieber & Kendall Jenner know the real secret to anti aging

We all know that to make stars impeccable, an army, or in this case, a glam squad is needed. Even though getting the perfect cover shot requires light and mirrors, when celebrities are not walking the red carpet or sharing videos about their lives, they are likely on the table of their trusted dermatologist, dedicating themselves to a true full-time self-care job.

Fotofacials: What are they and what are they for

Procedures that use intense pulsed light to treat sunspots, redness, skin discoloration, wrinkles, and expression lines. Essential in a "pro skincare routine," certainly not based solely on creams and serums. The most common treatments are IPL (Intense-pulsed light) and LED, which use light as a source of energy. Despite light being commonly associated with skin damage, some wavelengths are scientifically proven to be beneficial at the cellular level. They are non-invasive and represent an effective alternative to aesthetic surgery.

"Current Body" is a beauty tech brand that sells one of the most well-known alternatives on the market for a "do-it-yourself" treatment for home use. They promote it as "the world's most powerful anti-aging LED face mask", and it's the one used by Lily Collins in "Emily in Paris".

Venus Freeze: What is it and what is it for

Returning to talk about Hailey Bieber: she is no stranger to red carpets, photo shoots, and runways. When she wants to be at her best for these big moments, we often see her at the Skinney Medspa in New York, where she is known to be a big fan of the non-invasive treatment Venus Freeze.

@melissatsilva wanted to gatekeep but I felt bad!! here’s my secret to a snatch face #venusfreeze #facetreatments #jawlinecheck #bestfacetreatment #fyp son original - MELISSA

This treatment should be suitable for eliminating cellulite and toning the skin. On the face, it works to smooth and firm fine lines and wrinkles, acting as a temporary facelift, with no downtime. Venus Freeze Plus™ uses patented technology (MP)2 that combines dynamic Multipolar Radiofrequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. The combined action and intense heat generated cause the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, induce lipolysis, and stimulate neovascularization. The skin is more compact and lifted, wrinkles are reduced, the silhouette is reshaped, and cellulite and localized fat deposits are reduced.

Emsculpt NEO: What is it and what is it for

Radiofrequency and HIFEM+ (High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic Technology) to eliminate fat and increase muscle mass ensure greater reduction of adipose tissue and faster muscle growth than any other high-end procedure. A devoted fan is Megan Fox. The therapy starts with a more intensive session frequency, which is then gradually reduced until maintaining results. The duration of results varies based on the subjective characteristics of the patients. EmSculpt Neo is the only device that eliminates visceral fat, the most dangerous concerning cardiovascular diseases. This induces muscle contractions that would be impossible during normal training (30 minutes of treatment correspond to 24,000 muscle contractions!)

Fraxel: What is it and what is it for

We know that quality skincare products are a must (Reese Witherspoon swears by her anti-aging serum Elizabeth Arden). But it's not the only trick; we are seeing how many celebrities also turn to the latest technologies to improve their appearance. They are always the first to know about the latest laser treatments, and one that exploded last year was Fraxel.

It is an intense laser treatment that improves the texture, scars from acne, and enlarged pores. Although it is quite expensive and painful, with the formation of micro-crusts on the face that gradually fall off over seven days, a new layer of skin capable of rejuvenating even extremely mature skin is revealed. "No pain, no gain"?

IV Therapy: What is it and what is it for

In September, after Fashion Week, Vittoria Ceretti posted a summary of her Fashion Month on Instagram. There were selfies, hotel rooms, more selfies, and a shot of her and Attal attached to IVs and bags of golden "bananas." Intravenous therapy, as we have seen in the previous paragraphs, has been promoted by alternative medicine. Benefits include hydration, energy, increased immune defenses, and glowing skin. Depending on the other added components, it can also reduce inflammation, and studies are underway on potential anti-aging effects. That's why many celebrities use it.

All that's left to say is "trust the process," but especially that makeup is also - and above all - when you don't see it.