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Bella Hadid launched her beauty brand "Orebella"

Get ready to "reveal your alchemy"

Bella Hadid launched her beauty brand Orebella Get ready to reveal your alchemy

Where had Bella Hadid disappeared to? Away from the catwalks and red carpets for several months, the model took a long break from fashion for health reasons, but it seems that during this time, she has also dedicated herself to a new mysterious project, revealed only partially for now. On Thursday, the top model announced on Instagram and TikTok her latest business venture, a brand called Orebella.

What is Orebella?

Everything is very cryptic, and details are scarce, but the trademark filing suggests that it could offer fragrances, lotions and scented oils, shampoos, conditioners, styling creams, candles, incense, and fragrance diffusers. Everything seems to indicate something oriented not only towards beauty but also towards wellness. This would perfectly align with Bella's personality (remember when in an interview a few years ago, she described herself as an "essential oil girl"?) and interests, including spirituality and a love for nature, as well as a concept of beauty that extends to physical and mental well-being.

Where can I buy Orebella?

"Orebella founded by Bella Khair Hadid. Reveal your alchemy on 02/5. Link in bio to join the list and receive an exclusive gift at the launch", reads the caption accompanying the reel, featuring images of Bella's eye, the universe, the sea, a field of flowers, and the golden logo of the brand.

Other clues seem to confirm this hypothesis. For example, a few hours before the launch, Bella posted a quote that blends beauty and mystical mood: "I wear oils on the skin. Honey on the lips. Crystals in the bra. I am my sacred space", and an image of a fragrance called "Oasis of Love" created by someone named Mahmoud Hadid. In early February, she also posted a series of photos taken at the headquarters of Ulta in Bolingbrook, Illinois, which could suggest a potential partnership with the American beauty store chain.

Orebella is not Bella's entrepreneurial project that, in 2021, she co-founded with Jen Batchelor, the brand of adaptogenic drinks Kin Euphorics, but it marks a new beginning for her. The launch of the wellness brand coincides with her return to modeling work and a new lovestory with Adan Banuelos, a cowboy star in the equestrian industry, a passion shared by Bella as well. Speaking of the milestones achieved in an Instagram post some time ago, she wrote "The little me who suffered would be so proud to have grown like this and not given up." And she would certainly be proud of her personal and professional growth, of which Orebella is just the next step.