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Valentine's Day manicures to try now

Among cascades of hearts, lips and red

Valentine's Day manicures to try now Among cascades of hearts, lips and red

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can have a candlelit dinner, lounge in bed, indulge in chocolates and rom-coms, spend a night under the stars, give and receive a special gift, dedicate time to your partner, or spend February 14th with friends. You can also celebrate the day of love with a beauty detail like a themed manicure, perhaps paired with a beautiful newly-received piece of jewelry. Red, baby pink, and white are the favorite colors, as well as designs featuring hearts, lips, and roses. Whether minimalist or maximalist, fun or romantic, with touches of gold and silver or passionate red, with intricate patterns or the classic french manicure, the nail universe caters to all tastes and styles.

Here are the manicures that say "I love you."

Hearts Everywhere

The favorite nail art for February 14th involves a cascade of hearts. The symbol of love can be stylized or full of color, inspired by the rainbow like the work of nail artist Hang Nguyen, or glittering, set against a nude base or standing out on classic red nails.


Less is more. To add a Valentine's Day touch to your nails, all you need is a cute little heart, a delicate cursive inscription, or a bow. The queen of minimalist nails is Betina Goldstein; just scroll through her Instagram to find the right inspiration.

Red Nails Theory

With red nails, you can never go wrong. It's an eternal classic passed down through generations. And, as suggested by the Red Nails Theory, it never ceases to fascinate. On Valentine's Day and all year round.


A bouquet of red roses for Valentine's Day. Cliché? Not really. Especially if the flowers bloom on your nails. They may not smell like real ones, but they are just as beautiful.


You don't have to be overly sentimental on February 14th. You can also play with your imagination. So, playing cards, hypothetical love letters, lips, stars, and anything else that rhymes with love can appear on your nails.

French Manicure, but with a Twist

The french manicure is back. For Valentine's Day, try it in a heart-shaped version or give a twist to the classic French by adding small designs.


It's time to play with three-dimensionality, decorating nails with stickers, crystals, jewels, and raised designs. Remember: the goal is to amaze.