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What is Tubing Mascara?

Unveiling the secrets of the new mascara that promises dreamy lashes and stress-free removal

What is Tubing Mascara? Unveiling the secrets of the new mascara that promises dreamy lashes and stress-free removal

Let's face it, any makeup lover, when asked, "What is the most difficult product to remove from your makeup bag?" would be ready to mention their mascara. On one hand, there are those who have learned to live with the "panda effect," on the other hand, there are those who have become black belt experts in micellar water and cleansing balm. But what if we told you there's a third way, one that will change your relationship with mascara forever?

How does Tubing Mascara work, and how is it removed?

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For days on social media, in fact, all that's being talked about is "Tubing Mascara", an innovative product that promises to lengthen lashes, make them more voluminous, but above all, easy to remove. All this is possible thanks to a formula made of polymers (which replace the pigments of typical mascaras) and a technology characterized by microtubes that wrap around each lash, increasing their length, just like a cylinder. The real uniqueness, however, lies in its removal method. Warm water and a simple rubbing with fingertip pads are all you need to eliminate any residue.

Where does the idea of Tubing Mascara come from? The Blinc case

“Some brands have tried to fairly faithfully replicate our formula. And some are not similar at all, thus giving a bad reputation to tubular mascara technology. Some have even tried to call their oil-based formulas "tubular mascaras,” but Blinc is the very first tubular mascara, and we know the microtube technology better. After all, we created it and have been working on it for a longer time”: these are the words you can read in the “Our story” section of the Blinc website, the company that invented the first tubular mascara in 2021, winning the “best beauty award winner” from Allure magazine. The brand wanted to emphasize that it's not enough to insert the word "tubing" to make a mascara tubular, but that the key lies in its technology. To distinguish tubular mascara from traditional ones, you must ensure that there are no oils, waxes, and pigments in the ingredients. In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, the product is gluten-free and provides a long-lasting finish. Last but not least, tubing mascara is water-resistant, making it an excellent alternative to traditional waterproof mascaras, as it is easier to remove without leaving residues or smudges. When wet, it will stay in place until pressure is applied. Since it requires water for removal, it cannot technically be called "waterproof."

Brands that have released tubing mascaras recently

Is 2024 the year of "tubing"? According to the latest releases from many cosmetic brands, the answer seems to be affirmative. Recently, KVD Beauty has launched the Full Sleeve Mascara, featuring innovative technology promising extreme volume. But it's certainly not the only one; Zoeva has started the new year by securing a place among the beauty award finalists with its Ooh la Lash Length & Lift Tubing Mascara. Among the favorites, we cannot fail to mention L'Oréal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara, equipped with a double brush. Social media is also starting to talk about the tubing mascara from Aime, considered a stimulating treatment for lash growth.

Why do we love tubing mascara so much?

The devices we use every day, like smartphones and computers, are not the only objects in constant evolution. Just as easily as you replaced your old phone considering it obsolete, a mascara with a super innovative new technology could equally capture your attention. As time goes on, we demand to improve our lashes, with serums, extensions, and laminations; we can't wait to discover the next innovation just around the corner. But why could this mascara be the better alternative? In addition to lengthening and volumizing lashes, they are very gentle and resistant, but above all, they allow us to spend more time on our nighttime skincare routine, eliminating one of the most tedious steps in makeup removal. The new tubular technology proves to be a promise even for those who, after turning 50, do not want to abandon their beauty habits. As we age, we start to have fewer lashes, or a more frayed texture, not suitable for certain practices like applying extensions. Will tubing mascara be the breakthrough for true beauty addicts? We can't wait to find out and hear your opinion.