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What are the beauty secrets of the stars?

Some famous make-up artists reveal their magic tricks

One of the first phenomena to spread after the birth of Web 2.0 was certainly that of 'tutorials'. Thanks to disintermediation, which has turned us from spectators into important players in the online community, numerous new professions and teaching methods have emerged. Of all these, the beauty creator with his 'make-up tutorial' has played a leading role on the new platforms right from the start. How many times have you typed in phrases like 'How do I apply eyeliner?' or 'How do I choose the right foundation?"? Thanks to the videos that contain these answers and many more, a 'beginner' can turn into a pro with patience and creativity. But like every art form, the world of beauty also has its great artists. We're talking about celebrity make-up artists and their 'magic' tricks. We often wonder what is behind the looks of the stars, whether the beautiful 'finish' is due to the light or whether the smooth effect on the skin is just thanks to an Instagram philtre. Mimicking the techniques, combinations and beauty of certain make-up looks seen on the catwalk, red carpet or silver screen may seem impossible, but what if we told you that some of the best make-up artists have revealed their secrets? From Beyoncé's lips to Hailey Bieber's perfect foundation, here are some tidbits that might be of interest to you too.

The Kardashians' eye make-up

@tarasigari #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen are you a little older , and dont like powder when doing your makeup? Well let me show you a secret celebrity makeup hack! @Ash K HOLM does Khloe kardashian , Kim Kardashian, Kris jenner and SO MANY MORE celebrities makeup! This hack and tip for older and oily people is genius #makeup #celebritymakeup #celebritymakeupartist #oilyskinmakeup #oldermakeup #eyeshadow #khloekardashianmakeup #kimkardashianmakeup original sound - TARA SIGARI MAKEUP FASHION

Never been able to find the right way to get an elongated look while avoiding eyeshadow settling in the "creases" of your eyelids? No problem, because the make-up artist of celebrities like Kim and Khloe Kardashian has a foolproof technique to make your wish come true. Beauty creator Tara Sigari, who gave a FaceTime lesson with expert Ash Kholm a few days ago, shared it on social media. The first step she suggests is to apply some bronzer with a brush (she uses the Tom Ford one in colour 1) and then dab it on the back of your hand. Then you can blend it outwards like an eyeshadow to contour the eye. If you don't use concealer on the eyelid, wrinkles and fine lines won't be emphasised, making your eyes look much younger. The second step is to blend the bronzer on the lower eyelid too and apply an eyeshadow primer. Ash recommends MAC's 'Paint Pot', which is suitable for those with 'oily' eyelids. After applying it to the movable eyelid and blending a little more bronzer into the area between the eyebrow and the outer part of the eye, all you need to do is line your eyelid, add some false lashes and you're done. "A simple and understated look that makes me feel really pretty": these are Tara's words after she has finished her make-up. Did you already know this secret?

Lips like Beyoncé

@ctzncosmetics @Sir John shows us how to master our best-selling Lipstroke liner with these easy tips #ctzn #sirjohn #ctzncosmetics #lipstroke #liner #makeuptutorial original sound - CTZN Cosmetics

@yuliyalioness Tecnica makeup volumizzante labbra del famosissimo mua Sir Jhon makeup artist personale di Beyonce

Global pop star Beyoncé also has her own beauty secrets. Her make-up artist Sir John reveals them to us, but one of them has particularly impressed the TikTok community. It's about the perfect technique to get voluminous lips with a 'filler effect', so pick up your favourite lipstick and follow all the steps. Although it may seem unusual, the first step is to contour the lips to bring out all the inner lines and make the lips look fuller and plumped up. Then it's time for lipstick, which you don't have to apply in the traditional way. The make-up artist suggests applying it only to the lower lip and 'stamping' it into the upper lip by smacking the lips together vigorously. This way they should appear visibly larger because the cupid's bow is very blurred and almost disappears. The final step is the pencil, which should only be used in the corners and then blended with a small brush. This trick could be the breakthrough for anyone who has been looking for a new tip for their make-up.

The viral technique for applying blusher by Patrick Ta

From Gigi Hadid to Camila Cabello to KarolG, so many stars have a photo on their Instagram feed tagged by make-up artist Patrick Ta. The common denominator in all of these shots is the perfect finish of the blusher, which simulates the red cheeks of a porcelain doll. This isn't a philtre, but an application strategy devised by the expert. But let's see what the secret ingredients are to achieve this romantic base.

Patrick Ta

Patrick Ta


After applying concealer under the eyes, you need to apply a pink powder blush and blend it only in the areas that would naturally 'blush'. The most important step is to set the area from the nose to the eye contour with translucent powder, as if it were a diagonal. Next, apply a loose powder in shades of pink and blend with the same brush we used for the blush. To finish the look, all you need to do is gently apply a cream blusher with a clean brush to achieve the desired glossy effect.

From Regina George to Sabrina Carpenter: The secret of Broadway lips

@allure #SabrinaCarpenter shares a #lipstickhack she learned from a castmate while on Broadway for #MeanGirls . . . #lipstickhacks #meangirlsonbroadway #sabrinacarpenteredit #sabrinacarpentermakeup original sound - Allure

The best tips from the stars are not only revealed on social media, at fashion shows or on the big screen, but also in the theatre. Singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter revealed one of her beauty tricks to "Allure", but you'll be even more surprised who she inherited it from: "I played Mean Girl on Broadway and shared a wardrobe with René, who plays Regina George in the musical, while I played Cady. She taught me this magic trick: She would apply a lipstick, put a handkerchief over it and then dab it on with a brush dipped in powder. When she removed the handkerchief, the lipstick was fixed, it no longer moved'. The most iconic series of all time amazes us once again. Who knows, maybe we'll discover a few more tidbits after the new reboot.

Hailey Biber's face base

@slaybyjess I feel like this was more work than usual

Some time ago, an unusual fashion became popular on TikTok, namely that of doing the base steps "backwards", the reason? It's a very special technique by make-up artist Mary Phillips, the make-up artist for Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and many other celebrities. After moisturising the skin with an excellent skincare product, the first step is to apply a contour pencil to the face to sculpt and define it. She then uses concealer only on the eye contour and applies a generous amount of blusher to the cheekbones and nose. The final step is to blend the different parts of the make-up with a brush soaked in foundation and set the base with a beauty blender. A truly innovative way to set foundation that still gives a healthy, even look for celebrities.

At least once in our lives, we've all dreamed of being able to apply make like the photos that inspire us on our Pinterest board, or simply discovering a few beauty hacks from our favourite idols. Surgery isn't always the answer to everything. Behind certain marvellous results that we can admire in current magazines and editorials, there is often the work of great artists. Just like in painting or sculpture, the faces of models and actresses become a canvas on which they express their art and their personal touch. Learning a few tricks from them can help us understand more about this world and acquire new skills that are useful for our career or make us feel more beautiful and confident. What do you think? What is your secret technique that you use the most, but most importantly, do you know any others?