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Would you buy a second-hand lipstick?

More and more people are willing to explore secondhand beauty products

Would you buy a second-hand lipstick?  More and more people are willing to explore secondhand beauty products

Exploring flea markets or dimly lit shops to uncover unique vintage pieces at affordable prices has become not just accepted but celebrated. It benefits fashion enthusiasts who want to stand out from current trends, providing clothing that no one else has. This practice is good for wallets, the environment, and the fashion industry as a whole. For too long, the industry has raced at 100 miles per hour, urging us to buy, buy, and buy to keep up with new trends every 2 or 3 weeks. Thrifting has evolved into a shared activity, no longer a secret of low-income families but a glamorous pastime to enjoy with friends. And what if we told you that, in the near future, this trend might extend to beauty products?

A New Merchandise Category Enters the Secondhand Market

According to the annual report from the prominent secondhand marketplace ThredUp, a staggering 52% of Americans bought something secondhand in the past year. While the vintage fashion trend continues to grow, consumers are now venturing into a new field: secondhand beauty and makeup products. And not in the sense of antique, collectible, or used by icons of the past, as shown to us by some users on TikTok who participate in dream auctions to win Marylin Monroe's lipstick.

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The Vintage Explosion: Awareness, Recession, or Fashion?

Yes, you heard it right. Even the beauty industry is stepping into the vintage market. The constant influx of new products promoted on platforms like TikTok has consumers tempted to buy. Though cosmetic products usually cost less than luxury handbags, some high-end brands remain out of reach for the average person, especially the younger demographic. The risk is accumulating products and ending up with a negative bank balance and more items than one could use in a lifetime. Integrated shopping features on Instagram and TikTok don't help; instead, they encourage impulse buying. In a time of irrational consumerism, status symbol products, and luxury brands, turning to the vintage market seems only logical. Is it a sign of a new anti-capitalist consciousness or just a response to recessionary times? It doesn't matter; what counts is consuming less.

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Will the Beauty World Follow This Trend? The Numbers Speak Loud

Adapting to this new philosophy isn't easy. For years, mothers, grandmothers, and even dermatologists have advised against sharing brushes, sponges, mascara, foundation, and lipsticks for any reason. However, the shift has already begun, and stopping it will be challenging. According to a recent Mercari survey (an online marketplace similar to eBay), the self-care products category was one of the top five fastest-growing resale categories last year, projected to grow by 126% by 2031. It's worth noting that many of these products are sold still sealed, another symptom of our tendency to buy things we never get around to using before listing them on platforms like Depop, Vinted, and Poshmark. The expansion of this trend is so strong that dedicated reselling sites focusing solely on makeup, skincare, and various products, such as Glambot and Glou Beauty, have emerged in the United States, with new ones appearing every day, trying to cover a niche expanding rapidly before saturation.

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What About Italy?

It's easy to observe that, in Italy, this new trend has not fully manifested its potential. There are no specialized shops ensuring the integrity and sanitization of products before resale, and perhaps luxury brand customers are not willing to take the risk. However, this innovation could be a godsend for younger girls who want to try exclusive products without breaking the bank, aligning with the anti-consumerism movement and the fight against overproduction. Are you willing to give it a chance?