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Alternative Halloween makeup looks for those who don't like Halloween

10 Beauty ideas and tips for those who don't like to dress up

Between Pumpkin Patch and Salem Witches movie, the time to choose the perfect outfit for this Halloween is almost over. We've recommended a few super cool and trendy looks that won't make you go unnoticed, but are we sure everyone wants to celebrate this spooky holiday with elaborate outfits and makeup? America, the heart of this holiday"s tradition, just recorded the highest number of people celebrating Halloween in 2023 since 2015, at 73 percent, according to "Statista". However, the latest studies published by "Marketsplash" show that only 47% of people will choose to dress up. If, like those 53%, you don't fancy wearing a costume on the spookiest days of October, but don't want to disappoint your friends who invited you to a themed party, we might have just the solution for you. From Olivia Rodrigo's white vampire to the "bad girl" embodiment of Maeve in "Sex education" to Lady Swan make-up," there really are so many alternatives for a simple but effective look. And do you have a super-safe figure to draw inspiration from when you need it?

Minimal mermaid makeup

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The aesthetics of minimalism and the return to naturalness resulting from trends like the "clean girl" trend have found their way into even the blackest heart there is. Even Halloween can't escape the magical power of TikTok, which could even "convert" Margaret Hamilton's Witch of the East to soft glam white with its eye-catching tutorials. The look we're suggesting was created by several influential creators and make-up artists on the platform, such as "taontm" We're talking about the "Minimal Mermaid Make-up" The make-up, which features a wet look, simulates a mermaid's scales, but how is this gauzy, glossy "finish" achieved?

She used only two liquid products and blended them with a brush on a net stocking. These are Tarte Cosmetics' Blush and Illuminate, but a great alternative is also Charlotte's "Superstar Glow Kit" by Charlotte Tilubury. Once blended and applied to the top of the cheekbones, your mermaid tail will look more luminous than Ariel's. To complete the look, the tiktoker decided to apply the glow effect to her lips as well, using Anastasia Beverly Hills' pink gloss.

Olivia Rodrigo's white vampire  

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Who said you have to dress in black and wear false teeth with sharp canines to impersonate a vampire? One thing is for sure, that person is definitely not Olivia Rodrigo. The singer, who has been making waves ever since the release of "Drivers licence" in 2021, has become one of pop culture's most iconic figures thanks to her 90s and indie-core style. This Halloween, be inspired by the video clip for the single "Vampire"," directed by renowned photographer and videomaker Petra Collins. She decided to romanticise the artist's look, transforming Olivia into an "emotional vampire" inspired by the Twilight aesthetic. However, the white dress and purple neck patch are not the only elements used to recreate this make-up.

You do indeed need a red lipstick with cool tones, in short a shade from plum to burgundy. A perfect example would be Fenty Beauty's "Loud speak'r", but what about the eyes instead? The eyeshadow you need to use is undoubtedly a shimmery one, but to recreate the "shiny" effect of the video, we recommend a liquid eyeshadow, such as "not afraid to sparkle" by MAC The final step to becoming the perfect vampire in Rodrigo's footsteps is to draw a thin eyeliner line with an eyeliner that you can easily find in your beauty case.

Lady Swan makeup

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It was 20 February 1877 when the first performance of "Swan Lake" took place. Although many years have passed since that evening at the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the ballerinas' graceful aesthetic and elegant costumes continue to inspire fashions and trends. To bring the perfect "Lady Swan make-up" to life, just think of Natalie Portman's look before she transformed into a black swan.

White feathers mustn't be missing on the roll call, but you can also replace them with a headband. The undisputed protagonist of this make-up is the white pencil, which can simply be applied inside the eye or, for those who want to be more daring, as a graphic eyeliner simulating a swan's wing. If you don't own one, Nyx's number "09" may be just what you need to transform yourself into the perfect Odette.

Bad girl make-up of Maeve from “Sex education”

What if the make-up you wear every day could also be your make-up on Halloween? If black eyeliner and kohl are among your favourite products, you can easily dress up as a "bad girl" for a night out. From "Sex Education" star Maeve to the iconic Jade West from "Victorious" to our own Rosa Ricci, this dark, rockin' style is truly timeless.

Piercings, chains and plaid smocks aren't the only ingredients to create this look. In fact, you'll also need some coloured curls, which you can get with fake extensions or hair dyes. If you're looking for the perfect product for your look, Make Up Forever's "aqua resist colour pencil" could help you become a true American high school rebel.

Cleopatra makeup

If your season is "autumn" and you don't know how to dress for Halloween, EmRata may have the right answer for you. We're talking about "Cleopatra Make-up"," a make-up with nude and glamour shades. The look the actress opted for in 2016 is still super current, just think of Charlotte Tilbury's latest campaign.

Model Jourdan Dunn wears similar make-up to Emily, namely smokey eyes in shades of silver and olive. The lips of history's most sensual queen are definitely nude; to recreate them, you'll need a brown pencil and a light gloss for contrast, for example "oh you fancy" by Kylie Cosmetics. To complete the look, wear a rhinestone headdress like your favourite it-girl.

Daisy in “The Great Gatsby"

In the 1920s, everyone in New Orleans was obsessed with the Charleston and the elegant, engaging style of its dancers. The long, heavy skirts of yesteryear are being shortened to make way for shorter dresses that allow for more fluid movement. The same is happening with the hair; we are witnessing the triumph of the pixie cut. One character who perfectly embodies this look is the iconic Daisy in The Great Gatsby. Models like Kaia Gerber have also worn the part of New York's most mysterious blonde in the Roaring Twenties. But what are the tips for recreating this style? First and foremost is the signature bejewelled headband, but don't forget beaded bracelets and long earrings.

As for make-up, we advise you to choose a very natural base and accentuate the cheeks with a little blush. To brighten up the eyes, you can wear a matte eye shadow in taupe tones and add a highlight with a slight shimmer at the inner eye socket. If you don't have these accessories at hand, it's not a problem, because you can find lots of complete kits on Amazon.

Cupid makeup

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If you think Cupid only shoots his arrows on Valentine's Day, you're sorely mistaken. In 2011, Mattel launched one of the scariest dolls of all time, Monster High, a new monstrous creature called "Cupid". The schoolgirl who dispensed love advice in the school catacombs had a very distinctive look. One cannot speak of Cupid without the symbol par excellence associated with him, namely the heart.

To form a "cupid make-up" with bows, you can blend a red or pink eye shadow on heart-shaped stickers to get a perfect shape. For the very brave, a few red gems should not be missing to embellish the look. On the other hand, if you prefer minimalism, you can simply use a red eyeliner, like the one from KVD beauty, to draw on a few little hearts here and there. Maybe you're not crazy about Halloween themed parties, but who knows, with this look you could turn the spooky 31st of October into a romantic evening and shoot an arrow into someone's heart, just like Cupid! Or you could just mess up other people's love lives, just like the Gryphon schoolgirl.


Bet that funny cowboy hat your friends gave you for blowing out the candles on your birthday can come in handy? Well, sometimes the saying "one accessory can completely change the look" is not so obvious. Several stars have opted for the cowgirl costume, just think of the outfit Kendall Jenner and Chiara Ferragni chose for last Halloween. Even Margot Robbie's Barbie decided to dress up as a Texan, choosing from a variety of outfits available at the boutique in the "real world". But Jessie from Toy Story and her red pigtails are not the only style to embody this character, as Kim Kardashian's futuristic space cowgirl from 2021 teaches us.

As for make-up, we recommend nude and brown shades, just like in the Wild West. But before you get in the saddle, don't forget the scarves around your neck, rubber bands and hats.


Tell the truth, at least once in your life, while watching a high school drama, you have dreamed of being the most popular cheerleader in school and being wooed by the quarterback of the football team! What better time than Halloween to fulfil your teenage fantasies? But Ariana Grade also dressed up as a cheerleader for the video for "Thank u, next".

While you're thinking of a slogan to cheer on the crowd, we'll remind you what your training bag can't be without. A red outfit consisting of a skirt and a sweatshirt, a bow for your hair and, if you want to lead your team to victory, pom-poms. Can't find these things in your hands? We recommend a super complete set from Amazon. From "Riverdale" to "Bring it on," there are really a lot of examples to go by, but what makeups do cheerleaders have in their makeup kits? Black eyeliner and fiery red lipstick are the perfect combination to make it on the field. Good examples are the "powermatte lipstick" by Nars and the "Better Than Sex" eyeliner by Too faced. 

Wolf makeup

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What if Little Red Riding Hood was the villain in the story? From the world of social media to that of cinema, many celebrities and users prefer to agree with the wolf. We're not talking about a wild beast or even a teenage high school werewolf! But we are talking about its most glamorous and fashionable portrayal. A "cross" between a Bratz and a wolf with a proud and regal appearance, ready for the hunt but also for the parade on the catwalk. For this costume, also chosen by Vannessa Hudgens at one of her Halloweens, all you need is your favourite fur jacket and, if you have one, a fur hat. For the lower part of your look, we recommend a skirt and fishnet stockings, but if you dare, boots and furry leg warmers will give you the finishing touch.

Of course, you can't do without a brown lipstick for your wolf make-up, such as the "bread Winn'r" by Fenty Beauty. You might not be able to scare anyone on your walk in the woods with this look, but you'll definitely get the title of pack leader.