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How is a viral eyelash serum created on TikTok?

Interview with Sweed's founder and CEO

How is a viral eyelash serum created on TikTok? Interview with Sweed's founder and CEO

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Sweed's miraculous eyelash serum lately. This beauty product has been shaking up the beauty world and generating interest because it's supposed to lengthen lashes in just two weeks - and it actually works. Sweed's founder and CEO, Gabriella Elio, shared her perspective with us: how important it's to take time, do thorough research, remove harmful ingredients from the formula and develop products that make a real difference to consumers. Together with her, we explored the new horizons Sweed is conquering with its entry into Douglas shops in Italy, and we were able to get a closer look at the minimalist philosophy and vision that defines the brand.

"Our serum is unique and pure magic, giving longer and fuller eyelashes in 28 days, with no prostaglandins in the formula, which makes it unique. The compelling results, illustrated with before and after photos, are great motivation for anyone who wants to try the serum for themselves, knowing they won't risk side effects like they do with most other serums." But how does such an incredible product come about? "I've always been fascinated by make-up and remember as a child using my mother's make-up on my dolls" and continues "I remember one incident clearly when I was 3 to 4 years old. I sneaked into my parents' room, poured all their make-up on the bed and started applying it on my doll. There was more make-up on the bed than on the doll, and my mother's make-up was completely ruined and the bed was a mess. But I still remember my mother's face; she smiled and asked me what I was doing. That is a precious memory. When I was 15, I discovered my talent for make-up, did an internship at a make-up shop and was asked to stay and work there. The rest is history."

@saralazellari Ho testato il siero virale per ciglia di Sweed e vi mostro il risultato @Antonio Di Matteo #lashserum original sound - Sara Lazellari

The success of Sweed Pro Eyelash Serum in Italy isn't the only laudable result worth mentioning. The Swedish brand's prestigious Cloud and Lash Lift mascaras have gained a global following, including Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber. "I believe that most beauty trends today are set by influencers on TikTok or Instagram. These are powerful tools for anyone to express their artistic style and share it with their audience."

Gabriella's past as a make-up artist has also made her a point of reference for professional make-up artists: "When I develop products, I always think of my colleagues in the industry and that our products need to have the quality that professionals use in their make-up kits." She continues, "If I were to recommend one of our flagship products to a professional make-up artist, I'd recommend our signature No-Lash Lash, which no make-up kit should be without because it can really transform the look. Another product is our Lash Lift mascara because it keeps each lash in place all day without smudging."

The brand's Swedish roots, dating back to the founder's upbringing in Sweden, are synonymous with a clean and transparent approach to products made from natural ingredients. Gabriella has inspired Sweed to create a range of products that not only deliver professional results, but are also accessible and easy to use. This is true for anyone looking for a natural look or a glamorous evening look. "We've had to reject a lot of quality products or rework them to fit into our clean and vegan strategy. Our mascaras are waterproof. To make a good waterproof mascara, we'd have needed beeswax, for example. So it was a challenge to go in that direction and be a vegan brand at the same time."

Sweed's product line is constantly expanding. The highlight is the Miracle Powder mineral powder, which Sweed's CEO describes as a mineral foundation in powder form that combines moisture and vitamins and "gives you the perfect soft and glowing effect in just 30 seconds. It's very lightweight and your skin still looks like your own, only better." The aim of creating hybrid and wearable products is to make make-up more accessible and appealing to the average consumer who isn't necessarily a make-up expert but still wants to achieve a flawless look. "My motto for make-up has always been: look like yourself after a two-week holiday - radiant, glowing and full of life!" This principle is also reflected in the creation of the Lip Liners and Le Lipstick, creamy and pigmented lipsticks that strike a balance between a lipstick and a lip balm, without neglecting the protective side of make-up. Sweed's mascara is also enriched with vitamin B5, which provides additional care for the lashes.

We often imagine the make-up world as a glittering universe, forgetting that there are people in it too. "I'm very grateful to be a part of this world. The people I meet are always very friendly and warm. There are thousands of hours of work behind most successful make-up artists or beauty brands you see. It's long hours, lots of travel and a job where you're essentially following a passion. What I love the most? Talking to other make-up artists and hearing their life stories."