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What are ceramides and why they are the skin's best allies after the summer

A nourishing and soothing ingredient you can add to your skincare routine right away

Summer is a special season full of joy and tanning, but sometimes the skin pays its toll to the scorching sun and salty air. After months in the sun, in the pool and at the beach, it often comes out of summer not only glowing, but also drier and more dehydrated. This isn't surprising, as there are several reasons why skin becomes drier after summer. So how can we make it glow again? The answer lies in ceramides.

What are ceramides?

But what exactly are they? Ceramides make up over 50% of the lipids that make up the structure of our skin. Their main function is to support the skin barrier, retain water and moisture and prevent the penetration of impurities and bacteria. You can think of them as a kind of 'glue' for the skin that is flexible, elastic and resilient, ensuring the proper functioning of the skin's framework and the balance to protect our body. However, when ceramides decrease due to various factors such as ageing, low temperatures, stress or pollution, the skin inevitably loses its firmness, becomes less compact and loses moisture and suppleness, leading to irregularities and redness.

What do ceramides do?

There are several types of ceramides that naturally occur in our skin tissues and can be restored or enhanced through the use of creams, serums and boosters containing these valuable lipids. When you examine a product's ingredient list (INCI), it's important to look for ceramides, phytosphingosine or sphingosine, as these are all important lipids found in our skin. Although scientific research is still in the process of deepening our understanding of these components and their properties, we already know that by choosing products enriched with ceramides, we're providing our epidermis with an extraordinarily effective restructuring and anti-ageing treatment. These lipids help the skin regain its natural strength, moisture and ability to repair damage and trauma, keeping it firm and elastic, as it was in its original state.

It's easy to see why we should consider regular use of products with ceramides as a fundamental step in skin care, especially in the cold months when skin tends to become dry and dryness can become more apparent. Ceramides are suitable for all skin types and can be a useful addition to any specific skincare routine. These lipids blend seamlessly with other active ingredients such as retinol and exfoliants, balancing their effectiveness and soothing even acne-prone skin that is often weakened and prone to inflammation.

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