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The pedicure to try this summer

Colors and trends for the hot season nail art

The pedicure to try this summer Colors and trends for the hot season nail art

Most of the year we forget about them. Then, when suddenly the sun is in the sky and the temperatures become blisteringly hot, we remember our feet and run for cover to make them as beautiful as possible with sandals and slippers. In July, when we are only a few days away from leaving on holiday, we notice that we have calluses, our skin is dried out and our nails are messy. We exfoliate with a pumice stone or special tools like Scholl's Velvet Soft to remove calluses and dry skin; we make compresses to moisturise the feet and apply a very nourishing oil or rich cream; and finally we shape the nails, choosing between round and square shapes. The final step of the pedicure? The nail polish. Do not have an idea yet?

G-Club suggests 10 trends and colours for pedicures that you should try this summer.


Glazed Donut

Ever since Hailey Bieber took to social media to reveal the secret behind her nails, which were done by her fiancée Zola Ganzorigt, glazed donut nails have become one of the most popular manicures in recent months, with other celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Sydney Sweeney also loving them. But why limit it to just the hands? In the coming weeks, the trend will extend to pedicures too. The shimmery finish, created by applying a fine layer of glitter underneath the top coat, gives our feet a delicate but effective shine that makes them look classy and chic even in simple flip flops.



Margot Robbie docet! Pink is taking over our beauty routine in summer 2023, colouring lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and nail polishes. Barbiecore nails are the nail trend of the moment, dedicated to pink addicts, but not only. As with manicures, it is also advisable to mix different shades for pedicures, from the brightest and boldest to the most muted and delicate tones, as if our holiday destination were the Barbie world.


Metallic nails 

Chrome nails fans include Zendaya, Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid. It's quite easy to achieve them, we just have to choose our favourite nail polish colour from gold, bronze and silver. Silver nails in particular are the most beautiful for summer pedicures because they shine even more in the sunlight and create a kind of irresistible and cool mirror effect. Want to add a unique touch? Add a three-dimensional element.


Baby blue

When Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya and Sofia Richie love a thing, it's almost certain to become a trend. Such was the case with baby blue nail polish, which became the beauty signature of the summer's cool girls. For the shade, we can take inspiration from the romance of the ocean, ranging from violet blue to turquoise, cornflower and powder blue.


Red & orange 

Maybe it's the influence of the Tomato Girls, but red and orange are among the confirmed trend colours for summer pedicures. The plus? Bright colours like mango and coral accentuate tanned skin. If these colours are too classic for you, you can combine the pedicure with a manicure in a completely different shade such as green or purple.


French Pedicure 

French nails are back in fashion. The reason for this? It has something to do with quiet luxury and what the Americans call "your nails but better" - that is, a better, manicured version of your own nails au naturel. Zendaya goes for Marina Dobic and CND Shellac Gel Polish in the colour Backyard Nuptials, but we can opt for any milky pink colour or even a clear polish, but let us remember that the secret to the 2023 French pedicure has to be mini!



The beauty motto of the year? Go green! Searches for "green nails" are up 60 per cent this year, and the hashtag has over 370 million views on TikTok. So let's get ready to colour our toenails in all shades of this colour too, from olive green to lime, forest green to neon, emerald to pistachio.


Milky Nails

It's the new minimalist trend that stars like Nicola Peltz, Jennifer Aniston, JLo and Zendaya like. Like black, it suits all skin tones and is suitable for a variety of situations, from parties to drinks with friends to romantic dates. Keep in mind, however, that milky nails require a perfect manicure and pedicure. But if you take good care of your hands and feet, the result will be très chic.



Flowers suit every season, not just spring. The advantage is that you don't have to decorate all your nails, just the big toe, to add a special touch to even the most soulful pedicure. The tip? Coordinate the petals with your sandal or outfit.


Full color

Summer awakens our desire for colour, cheerfulness and lightness. So why not go for these elements in your pedicure too? Just choose bright nail polish shades and apply them mix'n match too to give our beauty look a playful twist.