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Guide to Purifying the Skin After a Hangover (and More)

Skin care strategies and remedies to restore balance "the day after"

After hours between drinks and booming music, even removing contact lenses or putting on pyjamas (if the excuse is cold weather, we do not believe it) becomes an exhausting affair, and removing make-up becomes Mission Impossible. Too bad that if you do not do this important task after waking up, the hangover from partying is clearly visible: the skin looks tired, exhausted, scarred and grey (yes, grey, even though you stood in front of the mirror the night before), while the reddened and puffy eyes raise white flags as a sign of resurrection from the post-hungover phase.

From a beauty perspective, the effects of a hangover manifest themselves in dehydrated and sensitive skin, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, possible redness and a sallow complexion. Nothing that can not be remedied by internal and external hydration. Of course, you need to drink plenty of water, or you should have done while the hangover was pressing that a protein breakfast can help absorb the alcohol circulating in the body, plus little tips that serve as a SOS remedy when you were intoxicated.

First, remove your makeup if you neglected to do so before bed (which is likely) by rinsing all kinds of toxins off your face with a double cleanse. The first step is with an oily cleanser and the second with a foaming one. If you want, you can also do a gentle exfoliation to thoroughly cleanse and regenerate the skin. Only then can you remove the dull veil from your face that has accumulated over the course of the evening to conquer priceless light bulges. Afterwards, you can apply moisturising masks with a decongestant effect.

To regenerate the eye area, stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness to lighten the shadows that threaten a vibrant look, choose a product with an instant refreshing effect for a touch of energy that does not hurt, or keep it in the fridge so you have it ready for after the party. If you have red eyes, the only thing that helps is to drizzle them with eye drops to brighten and moisturise the sclera.

Once the skin has been regenerated and oxygenated as much as possible, it's time to create the perfect foundation. Move on to make-up: No to foundations or earths, they would only create an unsightly mask effect. To cover up the signs of tiredness, opt instead for a CC cream, i.e. tinted creams that unify but at the same time moisturise thirsty skin as it is depleted by your high alcohol consumption. Then make sure that you apply the illuminants skillfully in all the shadowy areas of your face, in the inner corner of the eyes, under the eyebrows, in the folds of the nose-lip area, on the cupid's bow and under the lower lip, in the middle area. It is the most effective way to restore the face's lost radiance between the calyxes and then finish with a high shine to accentuate an open, rested and beautiful face like a flower.

Nutrition also plays an important role in cleansing the skin and making our stomach feel good the day after. Indeed, the effects of alcohol on the stomach lining can cause a feeling of nausea, accompanied by possible cramps, hyperacidity, burning and bloating in the stomach. With this in mind, Beautyfoods was founded with the aim of creating a beauty routine that starts with what we eat. Beautyfoods' philosophy is based on the belief that a healthy, balanced diet can positively impact not only our physical health, but also our outward appearance. In the last year, the brand has focused on the world of delivery, offering healthy and nutritious meals straight to your door. In fact, the beauty boxes are designed to be customisable, allowing you to create a beauty routine tailored to your needs and diet. For the past few months, Beautyfoods has also been expanding its offering by combining food with specific supplements to help people reap the benefits of a complete beauty routine more consistently and sustainably. «Beautyfoods believes that beauty comes from within. That's why we created a brand that combines healthy foods and supplements to provide our customers with a complete and effective beauty routine.» Says Chiara Lotta, founder of Beautyfoods. «Our goal is to make beauty accessible to everyone through an approach that combines healthy eating, targeted supplements and a balanced lifestyle. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the field of 'beauty to go', offering our customers a unique experience that combines taste and wellness.»

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