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Momager crop, the haircut to "conquer the world"

The inspiration? Kris Jenner

Momager crop, the haircut to conquer the world The inspiration? Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner is the muse of the moment. The momager who transformed a group of spoiled, anonymous teenagers into millionaire businesswomen and influencers is the woman to emulate, not only for her entrepreneurial skills that have enabled her to create showbiz's most famous media empire, but also for her signature hairstyle: short, with volume at the nape and almost shaved lengths at the sides that lengthen into a fringe that is pulled back into the forehead and, when styled to the side, can turn into a tuft at the occasion.

It is a simple evolution of the 1980s pixie cut worn by career women of that decade. Combined with severe, oversized suits with padded shoulders, this cut, which perfectly frames the face and slims the silhouette, was a kind of armour that helped them juggle the masculine look and hold their own in environments they had no access to until recently. It was more than just a hairstyle, it was a true extension of power dressing, which is back in vogue many years after the height of its popularity. Today, the Momager Crop no longer symbolises emancipation, no longer speaks of social change or climbing the ladder of success, but simply serves as a practical, functional and versatile haircut suitable for the warm weather in the coming months. It's an update of the pixie mussy that has dominated short hairstyles in recent years, and stands out more for its sophistication and seductiveness to be seen at any occasion - from business meetings to parties with friends - than for its "boss baby" vibes. The secret? Styling the hair differently depending on the mood and making it special with accessories. A little mousse to give the curls movement, or some gel to create a wet effect, or alternatively coloured clips for a funky twist.

Inspired by Kris Jenner, and perhaps hoping to continue her successful career as a self-made woman with the same look, more and more influencers and celebrities are experimenting with the momager look, helping to establish it as one of the hair trends of SS23. Kate Moss and Jennifer Lawrence have also worn it in the past, but most recently it was Dixie D'Amelio and Pixie Lott who were won over by it. The TikTok Us star has rejected it in both a brown and blonde version, often changing the way she combs her hair. The British singer introduced the new look on Instagram by posting a photo of herself with the caption "PIXIE cut"," alluding to the fact that her name is also the same as the haircut. Unlike Kris and Dixie, Pixie opted for a round silhouette that is almost reminiscent of the sixties. What do you say: Is the original momager's version or Miss Lott's better?