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What is TikTok's "hair theory"

Tell me what hairstyle you have and I will tell you who you are

What is TikTok's hair theory Tell me what hairstyle you have and I will tell you who you are

If you are a beauty addict obsessed with your hair, your TikTok feed might be full of hacks, tips and simple, easy-to-implement tricks that anyone can try at home, dos and don'ts, natural remedies, products, hairstyles and trends to try, like the 5.5 centimetre rule that lets you mathematically calculate whether you are going for long or short hair. Frequent users have surely come across the hashtag #hairtheory, which has been confirmed with almost 70 million views as a category of viral videos in which the creators show different hairstyles: curly, straight, ponytail, braids, half-crop, braids, chignon, ...

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The idea behind this popular theory? The way you wear your hair - length, colour, style and even texture - can affect not only how we feel, but also how others perceive us. Obviously, there is no scientific basis for this, but a finding that has more to do with blunt psychology. We can read this as a new interpretation of the classic concept of "good hair day" and "bad hair day", according to which hair can influence mood. This is the same mechanism behind the success of 90s-style voluminous hairstyles, which are also back in vogue because they supposedly give those who wear them Big hair energy, i.e. more self-confidence. So a new hairstyle can make us feel more confident, and a new hair dye can make us feel cooler. Wearing our hair loose and natural can indicate a relaxed approach to beauty. A complex and colourful hairstyle can indicate a bold and experimental personality, while an elegant and classic cut can suggest a sophisticated and professional person.

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Using TikTok videos, Caroline Brooks, founder of The Glasshouse Salon and Spa, has tried to decipher the charisma of five of the most common hairstyles:

Down and natural

«Even though it's often one of the easier styles to create, down and natural indicates a relaxed approach to beauty. It's an effortless look and suggests that the wearer is comfortable in their own skin.»

Half up, half down

«This hairstyle is a mix of relaxed and chic. It's a versatile look, as it can go from casual to formal events. It suggests a balance of practicality and style.»

In a sleek bun

«This hairstyle is sleek and elegant, giving off an air of sophistication. It indicates that the wearer is goal-oriented and strives for a polished appearance,” she says. “It can also be practical for those who want to keep their hair out of their face.»

In a ponytail

«This hairstyle is functional and practical. It suggests that the wearer is efficient and busy but still likes to keep it simple and stylish.»

Secured with a claw clip

«This hairstyle is both practical and stylish. It suggests that the wearer may be creative and enjoys playing around with different looks - while still maintaining functionality.»